Tuesday, December 25, 2007

About Google Reader...

Do you use Google Reader?

12 (13%)
29 (31%)
What is Google Reader?
51 (55%)

Votes so far: 92
Days left to vote: 5

A lot of people didn't seem to know about Google Reader. Thanks for participating in the poll. Google reader is a tool to check wether all the blogs you read have updated on one simple web page. I find it easier to visit each blog individually though so I can comment. There is just something so natural and organic about visiting each blog in a slow, browsing fashion to read. I use Google reader mainly to just keep tabs on less frequently updated blogs -- blogs I don't visit often.


recoveryroad said...

Hey Andrew

Thanks for stopping by my place. Congrats on 35 days, ODAAT. Keep on keepin' on, matey.

Have a good festive break.


impromptublogger said...

I use bloglines which is a very good online reader service too.

Merry Christmas and I hope you find that being sober has its own rewards today.

amelia said...

Thanks for the info on Google Reader, I shall start using it if I can figure it out! I'm not very technical!

C.A. said...

I use Google Reader and absolutely LOVE it! :)

alyceclover said...

I just ditched IE in favor of Firefox. IE has my google toolbar. Even so, I never used google reader. I used to start my days using links to blogs listed on my "backpage".

A hit and miss method as some blogs are rarely updated (due to writers being on the road).

GoodbyeCityLife said...

LOVE google reader. I switched from a standalone RSS reader over a year ago, and remain a BIG fan; it's the only way I read blogs.