Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Walk in the Yard...

We've had a bumper crop of pecans and they are just starting to emerge and fall. Georgia is going to have their best pecan crop in decades.

A pinecone nestled in pine straw. Maggie soon came over to carry the pinecone off for a good chew and run.

Lichen and moss on a rock at the very back of my yard. Some of the oldest "plants" there are, and so tenacious. Life has a way of flourishing in the oddest and most desolate places.

A beautiful, blue sky canvassed out above as Maggie and me enjoyed the afternoon sun.


Iris Blue said...

There is something about nature that we can stay our minds on and be staid. I feel calming alpha waves when I really look at what is around us and appreciate the colors, textures and designs.
Thank you for bringing unexpected views to your blog. I always enjoy your photography of these nature scenes.

Kelly Jene said...

I feel such calm looking at your pictures. The way the pine cone nestles and the moss crawls. Thank you!

Nikita said...

nice pics!

AlabamaGal said...

Great shots. You make me want to pull my camera out and take pictures right now. But it is dark. Maybe tomorrow. :)


M said...

cool picture of lichen and moss.

lichen is hard to find. or at least it has been in my back yard. i have been looking. i have all sorts of weeds, mosses, mushrooms, etc...alas, no lichen.

kiddlemidd said...

i wish i could take pictures like you.


PECan Pie!!! PEEEEEee caaaannn Pie!! :)

Thinking when Harry Met Sally..sorry, chick flick and all, but good classic for this broad in chitown!

Great pictures!
My cousin lives in peachtree georgia...we've only driven through!

Tee said...

I hope the prices of pecans this years will reflect the bumper crop. :-)