Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Town Hero

"Hey Ken, check this out," I say to my favorite convenience store clerk early this morning. 

I hold up yesterday's paper and there is a mention of him calling the police the other night in that D.U.I. with the kids in the car.

"No shit?" he says as he smiles incredulously and grabs the paper from me.

"You're a hero, dude," I say as I drink my decaf and watch patrons parade to the counter with the coffee.

"I'm gonna have this framed," he says, beaming.

"It is just a mention," I reply.

"Still," he says. "I am in the newspaper."

Our small town paper isn't much.  They love crime drama and if you get a D.U.I. you get a mention. When I had my drunken accident on my motorcycle above the cotton mill on the road they wrote a paragraph about me.  It embarrassed my family to death.

"What are you doing when you get off?" I then ask my favorite clerk.

"Sleep," he says. "I should have been off an hour ago.  This time change is kicking my ass."

I laughed and agreed.  It has been kicking my ass as well.  I left the store with my mug filled with coffee and my backpack upon my back.  I was just about to leave the parking lot when someone came walking out of the convenience store and hollered at me.  It was Ken.

"Sorry about the beer thing the other night," He says loudly. "I didn't think you were really an alcoholic."

"Shush," I reply loudly as I put my finger to my lips. "Don't tell the whole world."

We both laughed and I walked on home.  I don't know why I am so shy about strangers in my real life knowing that when I blather about it upon this blog so openly and readily.  Just another strange variance of life it seems.


Lynette said...

I think we blog and share parts of ourselves because it feels personal when we write. The fact that it is out there and public is rarely brought home to us. The public contact brings the outside to us which feels personal.


i feel more comfortable blogging about my life than sharing it with others in the actual, unlike you though, i haven't revealed my real identity but to some people i really trust and know me deeply^^

mapiprincesa! said...

Hi, Andrew. There is a certain "protective film" that seems to permit a more candid approach to the publication of all our secrets. I have a couple different blogs, all under different names so that all my secrets cannot be attributed to the same person (!). I know that is not fool-proof, but it makes me feel better and that is, in the end, what counts, ¿no?

Smiles and peace your way. Echoing the sentiments of various other readers of yours, I look forward to checking in on you each day, sometimes a couple times, just to see what is new with Andrew.

Be well...

Kelly Jene said...

I think it might have to do with the issue of judgment. The public tends to judge instantly when they something is 'wrong' with a person. But you know there is no judgment on here. We like you just as you are. ;)

impromptublogger said...

That is so great about your friend. He really is a hero - probably saved the kid's lives if not the driver and maybe some other poor person who could have been hit by him.

I hope you're adjusting better to the time change. Personally I hate DST and am much happier if I can get up when it's daylight.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I just recently told a family member about my blog - I was nervous. He was great (of course) He said he understands why it's easier to be more of ourselves when we're not being judged by old patterns in our lives.

That was nice of you to point out the store clerk that he had a mention in the paper. We all need positive attention... it feeds the soul in a good way.

Chandira said...

I think it's the same thing that makes getting up on stage and singing to a crowd easy, and singing to one person the hardest thing in the world!

I write all kinds of crap about myself, that any kind of stalker could read, really, etc, and was horrified to learn my aunt reads my blog!! I have no idea why.

Thanks again for your comment, I always feel humbled by your reminders that we're not all so lucky. I wish I could share experiences like mine last night in real-time with people, and not just electronically.
I was talking on Josephine's blog yesterday about wishing I could pull a Freaky-Friday style swap sometimes.. ;-) But I think our blogs are the closest we'll get to that for now.

SOUL: said...

i liked this post. you sound really good here. i hope you are happy today.
as for the alcoholic thing... that's just the way it is. nothing to be ashamed of... maybe it's the anonymous in alcoholics anonymous???
i am that way too. i come to the point that in most cases i just plain tell people that i don't drink. i don't blab my entire history to "everyone". i don't have many people outside of my blog pals , so of course they all know , and i'm not ashamed of it. i have made my amends to those i have hurt, and if new friends can't be around a person who has a "past", or doesn't drink, then so what?
you are good guy... you just keep doin what your doin.
go get a big fish while i'm up there freezin!!!
catcha latah my brotha

Josie Two Shoes said...

Sounds to me like you are making a good friend in Ken! I know how nice it is to have a friendly face to talk to, and I'm sure he appreciates your visits too. I'm glad you had a relatively good day, Andrew, you were due for one!


Great post...all of this time change is really bugging everyone huh? My goodness..wonder magically why?

Cheryl said...

It does sound like you and Ken have a good relationship. It's nice to know he's around, and always happy to see you.

Very cool sobriety counter, btw.

... said...

That was a really great post. This is the first time I've read your blog, but you really caught me especially with that part on the end. If most of the people that I know knew about my blog, and read it, I would feel wholly embarrassed. I guess it's because if strangers judge you- they're strangers, so what? But if they identify and say good things, it's like hey. Someone cares. And, I care :)

Bye for now!

(Feel free to read my blog, it isn't terribly scintillating.)

Leann said...

I grew up in a town just like that.....probably worse...lol

abbagirl74 said...

Hey booger! Just catching up. Missed you the past two days. I am totally lovin the pictures.