Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Take it Like a Man...

"Okay, bend over," the nurse told me as she approached me with that big needle in hand this morning. "This is going to sting."

I pulled my sweat pants down to the side and there was a painful prick.  I could feel those many milliliters of cold saline solution enter my gluteus maximus. 

"All done," the nurse said as she put a band-aid on the spot of entry and I pulled my pants back up.  "You are free to go."

I had hoped to do a photo essay of my every two week injection ritual.  I forgot my camera at home.  As I sat in my car eating a sausage and egg biscuit in the parking lot, I saw the most beautiful collection of leaves.  I almost drove the long drive back to my doctor's office to take a photo. 

Rosa called me this morning.  Much has been happening with her.  Her daughter came and took Allyssa back to Atlanta.  I think it was for the best.  We talked for hours about it last night.  My tendency is to go rescue Rosa and to bring her home and take care of her. She wanted to come over and stay with me, but I was tired and told her to wait. 

I never got around to seeing George at the hospital last night.  I was just too busy with various things to get down there.  I have since heard through the grapevine that he is in stable condition, but they are running a myriad of tests. I am completely ignorant of what cirrhosis entails so I don't know if it is recoverable or not.  I will continue to keep George in my prayers, and Rosa, too.    


cyotteeflower said...

I sure hope Rosa comes home to you and Maggie.You seemed happier when she was there...and I will get to hear about all that yummy food again!
I am a little concerened about Ally though. Do you know how the situation is with her mom?


Baby steps for everyone in your world my friend..For George..the disease has to be taken in baby steps, for Rosa's daughter, the realization of loving her child and also needing to take care of her, babysteps,..for Rosa reopening herself to your wonderful love, baby steps...and for you...taking it slow like you said...baby steps.

I hope George is feeling better!! I do hope he doesn't drink..but like my grandpa said when being diagnosed with Lung cancer..."well, at least I'll die doing what I love." OUCH!

justLacey said...

I'm glad you head from Rosa also and that Alyssa is back with her mom. I hoope she can take good care of her now that she has had a break. How is Joyce doing?

Barb said...

I am interested in the relationship with Rosa... Visit that reality hard and long, and dont do anything without having done so.....wise idea on your part!

You are so awesome to so many people~ including me!

I hope your rain stopped!!!


abbagirl74 said...

Hey booger! I do hope you get the chance to stop in and see George. I am sure he would love to see a familiar face. So, what's on the agenda today? I am feeling squirrely and could tackle any project. I am thinking about going and getting one last final rake of the yard in. Have an awesome day!

Lynette said...

Interesting day for you. I am considering the picture essay of the shot process. That could be colorful.

Eric Valentine said...

Good news about Rosa, not so great about George.

Cirrhosis attacks the liver and is mostly attributed to drink. It is usually fatal at some point, get in to see George while you can Andrew else you would never forgive yourself my friend.

mago said...

The liver is one of the (few) organs or tissues that does not recover when damaged. Hope Rosa will resurface, I think your relation was good for both of you, but I maybe wrong.

Kelly Jene said...

Ouchie! I hate shots!