Friday, November 30, 2007

Pie in the Sky for Two

"I've been cooking all morning," Joyce told me excitedly as she stood at my front door holding a pecan pie.

"Joyce," I replied with a air of scolding. "The doctors told you to take it easy."

"I couldn't help myself," she said. "I can't stand not doing anything."

"Come on inside and lets have a slice," I replied, opening my door wide as Maggie jumped up and down excitedly at having company.

The door shut with a clunk as Joyce followed me into my kitchen. I got some plates, a knife, and two forks out of my cabinets. Joyce is a wonderful cook and I couldn't wait to dig in. Pecan pie is one of my favorites. Especially when it is still warm just from the oven. This pie was made with the pecans from my backyard.

"This is delicious!" I exclaimed after the first bite.

"Brag on it for me," Joyce said with a smile as she leaned forward watching me eat the piece of pie.

"This is just as good as Dad's," I replied. "Vanilla ice cream would go great with this."

"Do you want me to go get some?"

I laughed and leaned over to give her a hug. "You just enjoy your pie," I said. "You have done enough."

It is so good to have my neighbor home. I have missed her dearly. Her house has been dark and cold looking for weeks. Now, at night, her lights are on and that porch light that brings me so much comfort shone brilliantly last night. Let's hope she will be home for Christmas. We discussed having a Christmas meal together on Christmas eve. I am making the spiced tea. Happy Holidays and things are looking up in J-ville these days. It is always great when a wayward neighbor and friend arrives home. Home Sweet Home.


Le Fleur said...

If I start working soon, or get the money my sister owes me, or get paid any kind of way, the first thing I
m going to do is go to the market. I'm going to cook all my favorites like salmon, sweet potato pie, stuffed chicken and maybe even corn bread and greens. See, now I'm hungry again :P

Portia said...

MMMMM...warm pie fresh from the oven! I'm glad Joyce is back and I hope it's a great weekend in J-Ville:)

justLacey said...

I'm happy Joyce is home too. Invite her over when you get your tree.

CJM-R said...

Sharing pie together to such a nice treat. Glad Joyce is home and feeling better and that you have her company once again.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a delicious treat! Just looking at that picture is making me hungry. I love warm pecan pie. Nicer yet that it was made with the pecans in your back yard. It was wonderful of you to invite Joyce in to share it with you, you are such an awesome neighbor! I'm glad that she is home.

Kelly Jene said...

Uuuuhhhhh Pecan Pie... (drooling) Can I have some?? lol

What a wonderful post. I am so glad she is home and you two are able to reconnect.

Diana said...

My mouth is watering...I absolutely LOVE pecan pie! Lucky YOU!

Ellie said...

Home sweet home. Nothing better than that. Oh! Pies! Yummy, even though I don't particularly like pie, that just looks yummy!

AlabamaGal said...

Welcome Home Joyce!
Oooooh, pecan pie. Love it! :)

Rae said...

Oh man, Andrew, I want a piece of that pie. I bet you've already eaten it all up, haven't you?

Glad your neighbor is home and that she is so good to you.

Irishcoda said...

Hi, dropped by to visit and catch up. So glad to hear that Joyce is home. You're really getting around with your camera and I'm so enjoying the pictures. I hope your dad is able to find you a good tree soon. And about the color of his, it sure is orange, isn't it?

Cheryl said...

Yum! Pecan trees must be a southern thing. I think it's just great that the pie was made from your pecans. I'm so glad you have your friend back home.

ac said...

That pie looks amazing!

I got my pecans cracked and ready today. I'm baking tomorrow. Seeing Joyce's pie made my mouth water.

Leann said...

I'm not one much for pecan pie. Guess even tho I spent several years in the south it never saturated me.

The pie looks wonderful tho and hope you and joyce enjoyed it. I'm also VERY happy that they finally got her meds right.

Christmas time is comin' Christmas time is comin' Christmas time is comin' lalalalala


Have a wonderful day Andrew and I LOVE the photos!!

hensteeth said...

Oh my, my favorite pie of all time and always, always my birthday cake.

This is one beautiful pie!

It's nice of you and Joyce to share the pecan pie happiness.

simonsays said...

Now I'm hungry and I don't even like pecan pie!

I am so happy that Joyce is home. I know having her back makes you feel alot better, too. :)

Keep up your walking, I love the pics you take!

Have a good Saturday!

Nikita said...

pass me on some!!!


Oh how delicious that looks! Yum.pecan pie..Joyce gives my heart a warm tug..she sounds like the type that has to always be moving....I know someone a LOT like that. :) haha.