Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lavish Side of Life

I got up this morning and prepared a lavish breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, buttery toast, cheddar cheese grits, apple Danish, and a glass of milk.  Maggie sat earnestly at my feet looking for handouts.  I scrambled her two eggs and fried two additional pieces of bacon.  I feel so much better eating a big, wholesome breakfast. I also love to share in the joy of such an occasion with my faithful friend.  We don't do this often these days.  When Rosa left, I lost almost all desire to fix such elaborate meals.  Cooking for one sucks.     

After breakfast, I curled up on my couch and jotted down ideas for the blog today.  I couldn't come up with much.  It is pouring down rain, so no good photos, or much to write about either.   I thought about writing about consumerism and Christmas, but my ideas sounded too preachy. I have noticed that certain groups of people like me who are low income seem to get infatuated with the idea that Christmas has become corrupted by capitalism.  I see it often on certain thrifty nickel blogs I frequent.  I could also write about my encounter with my father last night during our daily medication ritual, but decided that was just too milquetoast.   Dad and I have been getting along well lately, and my life has been kind of quiet.  As long as I dutifully swallow that handful of pills every night, he is happy and leaves me alone.  Who gives a shit about how well I am actually doing as long as I take those pills.    

What does the day bring?  Mostly browsing the Internet and blogs.  My favorite pastimes.  I am also going to enjoy this rainy weather to the fullest.   It seems years have passed since we got a good rain. Mother Earth's thirst is being quenched as I write this.  The bad thing?  This house is so well insulated that I cannot hear it rain outside unless it is absolutely pouring.  This rainy weather reminds me of the time my girlfriend Denise and I stood out in a summer's rain, getting soaking wet, and embracing each other.  Ah, such pleasant memories.   It is funny how something as mundane as rain can evoke such passionate memories from the past.    


bonnie said...

I love your new look! I don't know how to change my top banner. I've read instructions but I don't get it. The lights are way festive. Sounds like a good day to get cozy and read blogs and surf. There's a world of wonder on the www.

Beautifully Profound said...

I could use a big breakfast right now. Today I suppose I am going to clean the house. Very very slowly.

Anyways, I totally agree with you about Christmas and capitalism. I could afford to buy things for people but I just don't think shoving gifts in their face is the what Christmas is all about. I mean, there isn't a Christmas with out Christ. When I was a kid my grandma always made a birthday cake for Jesus. I still do it! Although it makes me sad especially after her passing just a year ago. It's a tradition that I want to carry on. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who does it.

Well, have a good day. Relax and enjoy the rain.

justLacey said...

Not much going on here either. I went on a firled trip this morning with my daughters preschool class. The noise was deafening. Glad I didn't have to ride the bus, my head might have exploded.

abbagirl74 said...

Sometimes I just like curling up on the couch and reminiscing. I will be thinking of you today. I love the look of the blog, btw.

Jbeeky said...

Funny, last night I was thinking about getting a rain sound machine for our bedroom. I love the sound of rain and we so seldom get it in San Diego. Enjoy and make some soup for this rainy day!

Lara said...

Hope you're doing ok today. We all have our struggles... some bigger than others... and we all need to know that our friends are on our side as we face them. I just wanted you to know that I celebrate a little inside me each time I read of you succeeding against one of your struggles. Here's hoping that you continue to have a winning day. :)

Kelly Jene said...

Did you save some for me? That sounds yummy!


I know what you mean about not having the energy after a change in a relationship...the reminders of the good times hurt, therefore we stop doing what we enjoyed doing with our loved one.
I know that feeling..

Yeah, rain!!!!