Saturday, November 24, 2007


Determined to scrounge up some money, I placed a large computer desk, unassembled and still in the box, on my front lawn by the road. I hung a sign on it saying, "Fifty dollars and it is yours. Originally $129." Within moments, a man in a truck stopped to look. I walked out to talk to him in the cold morning air.

"I'll give you two twenties for it," he told me.

"Sold!" I said, and I helped him load the heavy desk into the back of his pickup truck.

Excited and with money in my pocket, I walked down to the diner for a feast. Merl's diner was hopping with patrons. The clink of dishes being washed could be heard in the background as the low mumble of many conversations played out around me. A perky young waitress walked out to greet me and take my order -- her eyes a deep blue with blonde hair pulled into a bun on the back of her head.

"What 'cha havin' honey?" she asked with a heavy southern drawl and a pad and pencil in hand.

"The breakfast special. Scrambled," I replied.

Soon, a plate piled high with breakfast foods sat in front of me and I dug in. I especially enjoyed the buttery grits and crumbled my crisp bacon into it for extra texture and flavor.

I paid for my meal and then walked across the highway to sit on the bench by the railyard. I pulled a Model Railroader magazine out of my backpack and read for the longest time as I smoked cigarillos and drank my to-go cup of coffee. I turned to look at one point as a big CSX freight went roaring by on the tracks. "I want to model that someday," I thought to myself, engrossed in all things trains. It was such a fine morning filled with things I so enjoy.

I then left the tracks and walked up to the shopping center. Big S was already sitting out front with his hands folded over his protruding belly, looking like some African American Buddha. We talked for a moment about George and Clara.

"He finally quit drinking," Big S told me. "He's in the early stages of cirrhosis."

I was sad to hear that about my old friend. George's doctor had warned him countless times though.

"Where's Clara been?" Big S then asked me.

"She is living in section 8 housing down in Columbus," I replied. "She called me the other night. She is going through an outpatient program for alcoholics. She's got a job at a thrift store."

"I never thought she would get her act straightened out," Big S said with a chuckle.

"Me neither," I replied. "I am proud of her. She sounded so well the other night."

I then left Big S to walk on home. I had grown cold and the temperature was still hovering around freezing. Maggie greeted me as if I had been gone for years as I opened my front door and peeled off several layers of clothes. Home Sweet Home. It is going to be a grand day!


Cheryl said...

It does sound like the start of a grand day! Happy Saturday to you.

Ryan said...

Looks like I don't need to wish you a happy Saturday :)

pai said...

you can get your camera now too!

Ryan said...

With 40 dollars?

Andrew said...


It will only cost me $25 dollars to get it out of pawn. I should get it back today if I can overcome my social phobias to go get it.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I hope you get your camera.

Mostly, I hope you have a grand day.


Mike said...

What a great start to the day! It’s always nice to go to a diner and be served a plate of hot, delicious food on a cold morning. I’m from New Hampshire, though, and we don’t get grits in our breakfast specials. I’ve never even had them- but you sure make them sound good.

I hope all goes well with getting the camera back. I miss your wonderful photos!

simonsays said...

Go get your camera! And happy day to you! :)

justLacey said...

Sounds like a nice day. You must miss being able to be out and about. Does your dad not run you a tab anymore at that bar-b-que place? He won't have to worry about you frittering away your money there.
I am so excited to hear Clara is doing so well. I think a lot of it is thanks to you. She was pretty bad off.


Happy happy day! Breakfast is my favorite meal..and I could almost hear the clinking of the diner's dishes...I love those extra money's okay to treat matter how much $$ we have (or don't) little things like meals out, or coffee is good for the soul.

Happy Saturday!

justLacey said...

I sure agree with Crusty on that.

Kelly Jene said...

So glad to hear Clara is doing well!

abbagirl74 said...

I am happy to hear the George has finally quit drinking, however, I am sad to hear the news of his health. Have you talked to him?

I am just getting caught up in all I missed while gone. The blog has a new look to it.