Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dry as Toast Post...

I spent most of the night over at Joyce's house.  I finally fell asleep on her couch to the drone of the television. I walked home early this morning feeling so tired, and crawled into my own bed.  Maggie was so glad to see me and wondered where I had been. 

I pawned my camera yesterday to get up some money for purchasing Benadryl.  I now have to come up with $25 dollars to get it out of hock.   $25 dollars was all they would give me for a four hundred dollar camera.  That's sad.  And it shows my desperation. I just wanted to feel better, and the Benadryl helps.    


justLacey said...

Oh not your camera! This really sucks. Your dr. told you to use the Benadryl and your dad won't let you. That seems pretty cruel to me, even for your dad. Could you suggest to him only giving them to you 2 or 4 at a time? That way you can use them when you need them and he doesn't have to worry you are taking too many.

simonsays said...

Please put your pay pal button back up. :)


yes! What Simon says!!
Sorry you're having a rough time...damn holidays always do that to the best of us.

Anonymous said...

*shakes head*

You give away a $400 camera for $25so you can have a little Benadryl?!?

Dude, that was stupid with a capital S.

Think next time, man.

The pawnbroker is laughing his butt off right now, I'm sure.

There's no way you'll get the camera back now.


Anonymous said...


And don't feel bad about it.

It's over and done with now.

Just get well, man.

Karin's Korner said...

Oh Andrew.....your camera.....Please please please put your paypal back up and when you need something let us know! How can we know if you do not tell us?

Tee said...

Oh Andrew, not your camera! Dear friend you must get it back!!!!! I don't know how pawns work, but can you get your Mom to get is out of hock, or at least give you some of YOUR money to get it back? Your Dad is going to be furious if he finds out. A $400 camera for $25. Next time tell you Mom your needs. I'm sure she will be much more compassionate.

Anonymous said...

pawning your camera was the most irresponsible, inconsiderate, selfish thing you could do. for a litte benadryl? gimme a break. no wonder your old man gets pissed off at you.


I'm hoping things are comforting right now for you my friend...I'm sending you prayers!
Always and again, :)

Josie Two Shoes said...
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Barb said...

Mr Andrew,

I hope that the exchange was worth the camera. I dont subscribe to pawn shops, but if you could buy it back, find a way. Let that be your focus this day, so that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with great pictures of what you are thankful for.

Whatever is said about Paypal, do it, maybe there is a way other's can help!

Have a day working out the details


L.S. Alves said...

Good luck with the rescue of your camera.

Anonymous said...

josie two shoes: I wrote the first two anonymous comments, not the third.

I don't have a blogger account, so that's why no name.

Just giving Andrew a little tough love.


Lynette said...

My first thought is your Dad us going to be ticked. I don't have any other suggestions beyond what your other friends have made. This could blow up big time. I hope you can come up with a good solution.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the 3rd comment. I do not have an acct either. It really doesnt matter if i post it as anonymous, my full name w/ ss# & dob, or a nickname. doing that was retarted. & what i posted was the truth.

Ryan said...

Oh crap... Anything but the camera! Damn.

Portia said...

I agree with Josie.

Not only are the blogger accounts free, but one could own up to their comment by signing it.

And sorry, but tough love?? Really? How much "love" could possibly be intended by a self righteous, judgmental ANONYMOUS comment?

Sorry Andrew. I hope you don't mind I finally put my two cents in on all the cowardice surrounding anonymous comments. I hope you and your camera find your way back to each other!!!

darla said...

Did you check with Joyce to see if she had any benedryl? Or what about Rosa, wouldn't she have bought some for you? This is a time when you call upon your friends... your time of need... thats what friends are for.
I hate to see you lose your camera over a little benedryl. Try to get well, Andrew. Best wishes to ya.

Anonymous said...

Here. Here's my freaking name. Jen. Feel better now?? Damn....
& I'm sure Josie Two Shoes is your real name.

Anonymous said...

BTW...from one addict to another, I have been there. But I never pawned a gift. Everyone else can boo hoo & feel sorry for you, but I have been there. And I have been clean for 4 years. There are alot of selfish, stupid things addicts do. You are so oblivious to all the help you get from your family, you take everything for granted.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...so if I would have wrote my name things would have been fine? : )

Come off it.

And do lookup 'tough love,' and find out what it means.

It's what parents show to their children when the a child does something stupid.

And what Andrew did was something a naive 16-year old kid would have done.

Andrew hurt himself deeply--although he obviously doesn't realize it yet--by doing what he did.

I'm being a friend right now:

#1) By not kissing his butt and soothing his wounds

#20 By giving my honest mature opinion on his actions
By the way, I'm the same anonymous who wrote 'tough love' and the first two anonymous comments.

But please, don't make a big deal about it.

I just wonder what a good friend would tell you if you had done what Andrew has?

Or what your parents would say if you had done what Andrew has?

Believe me, it wouldn't be sweet cream with toast, honey.

Go follow that yellow brick road where reality is all goodness and lollipops.

You're living in a dream world.


Anonymous said...

I 2nd that. Us being honest is best for him right now.
Jen/Anonymous (#2)

Jessica said...

I am so sorry about the way things are going for you right now. Things will get better soon. :) Make sure you talk to your family about what is going on. I am sure your Mom will be of some support.


Josie Two Shoes said...
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Anonymous said...

Also, Andrew (same anonymous from the first two posts):

Go to your father and ask for money, or a friend.

DO NOT tell him or anyone close to you about losing the camera.

Borrow money, and try to get the camera back (hoping it isn't gone by now).

I wish you much luck, bud.

And don't beat yourself up because of losing the camera.

Life's a big classroom, and we all must learn from our mistakes.

Praying for you!


Anonymous said...


Portia said...

Negativity aside for a moment. You have a lot of true friends in this blogging place that might not know you in "real" life but truly do care. Those of us that I refer to know we can't judge you or your actions because (A) it's not our place and (B) we have not walked 5 minutes in your shoes, much less a lifetime. Nor do we want to judge. Or pass out "tough love" because, like unconditional love, that is something only a parent can offer you. We just want to be here for you as much as is possible. Nobody makes the "right" decision every time, and I really wish you didn't have to put up with people berating you for simply sharing honestly.

Anonymous Boxer said...

You have more options than you realize.

You are in my thoughts today.

Anonymous said...

Josie two shoes:


This is the internet, and this blog isn't Andrew's HOME, this is a public forumn that invites COMMENTS.

And if you've never had a friend show you 'tough love' at times, then you don't have any friends.

And sorry, it IS MY PLACE to do whatever I feel like doing, and writing (commenting) here what I feel like.

Last I checked there wasn't a caveat to commenting here, where only 'nice comments' are allowed. : )

And please, don't work yourself up into a tizzy becomes someone, anonymous or not, doesn't hold your opinion on Andrew's actions OR what people should or shouldn't be able to write here in the comments section.

: )


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Well I guess I am just absolutely apalled by the way everybody babies Andrew......

I understand that we are guests here but in case you do not understand Andrew has left his Blog open and available for comments

He should be open to both positive and negative feedback

Unless you are a close friend of Andrews who are you to say what works for him, he may take this feedback, that may sound harsh in everybody's eyes, and use it to realize that what he is doing is WRONG!

If you continue to tell him that what he is doing is Okay and it is b/c of his Mental illness or b/c he is an addict.....then how is he going to realize that it is not okay?

I don't want to seem heartless or as if I do not care, I know that addiction can be a huge habit to break and your going to fall sometimes, but was it worth it to pawn a $400 dollar item for $25?

Andrew here is a new attempt for you to try....if you feel as though you are unsure what to do in a situation, maybe you should post your idea before you actually do it. It sounds as though there are many people who read your blog and do care but they still need to remember that giving you money is not what you need. You need emotional support and feedback on what the right answer may be.

Your father seems to be the one who truly cares about your well being and I think there may be times you forget that. He is not doing what he does to piss you off and make your life hell. He is doing it because it is what you need and what you deserve. Don't look at it in a negative way take it as postive help. He is your emotional support system as he truly knows YOU.

So for those of you who truly want to help Andrew then reassuring him for wrongdoing is not help, and you don't care.

Andrew I wish you well in life. Please stay on your meds and continue to talk about things with your family. They know what is best for you.

If you feel the urge to do something that may not be the right anwswer please post it so your blogging friends can stop you from making a mistake like you made recently.

MEL.....anonymous #3

Anonymous said...


I'm not berating, Andrew.

What Andrew did was a bad judgment call, and all it takes for someone to see that is a little common sense.

If I wanted to berate Andrew, I'd be lobbing foul names and curse words at him, which I clearly am not.

I gave him my honest opinion.

I wrote that what he DID was stupid--I never wrote that HE was stupid for what he did.

There's a difference.

But here we are arguing semantics like nerds.

The person in need here isn't us, it's Andrew.

We're fighting fruitlessly here.


Anonymous said...

Mel, anonymous #3:

Great post!


amelia said...



cyotteeflower said...

Good gravy man, you longed for that camera for weeks,you love that camera,that camera has brought you much pleasure...which tells me you must have been in pain from HELL to have pawned it.
I know you have a time limit on when to pick it up so put your paypal up and I will send you the money. Seriously, I will!

Anonymous said...

Amelia......honestly, there is a reason his father goes with him or is his power of attorney.

Andrew first needs to prove that he can be in control of his life before he can actually control it on his own and go to the Doctor w/out his father. That has not happened yet.

While I agree that he does need to be independent...he is just not fully ready yet, and even after he has proven that he can take care of himself, he will always have his family looking out for him. That is a good thing!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is...wooooow!
I am seriously left speechless. There is a difference between giving advice thorugh the internet, either positive or negavite & sending money. Again....speechless. Anonymous #2 just shakes her head.....


Anonymous said...

WOW....so many people are willing to give money.

What happens when the money is not used to get the camera back, how can you be so sure THAT is what the money will be spent on.

I have a great idea! I think I will start my own blog......Poor me I am a single mother of three children and I don't get jack shit for help from there father nor the state.....please give me money how are my kids ever going to have a Christmas! Oh and did I mention that yes I do have a college degree yet I still cannot find a high enough paying job to support them.....BOO HOO! Guess what you can believe me or not but would you give me money? My story is true, as I am sure is Andrew's, But I have taken full responsibility for my situation and I dislike others feeling sorry for me and it is embarrassing having strangers give you things b/c you are BROKE!

Is it really that easy? And here I have been struggling for soooo long! So for all those who are willing to throw there money at perfect strangers who blog there life problems and issues, WOW, what a great new investment idea....Thank you!!!!


Miss MN said...

Is this a place to have petty arguments with each other or reach out to Andrew and give him support?? Yes we all have our opinions on what went on, but carrying on your battles on Andrew'w website is also a little selfish. Keep to the subject at hand.

Andrew, hang in there. The sun will rise tomorrow.

Blayne said...

This guy posts these things to get attention and those of you who comment fall for it every time.

Whether you think the guy has issues or not, you're not doing him any favors by giving him attention when he whines and complains. If you think he's full of shit, ignore him. If you think he really does have problems, stop giving him attention for seeing his life in such a negative way. That will help push him in a better direction if he realizes nobody wants to listen to his negativity.

You aren't being kind to him - or mean to him either for that matter if you're bashing him for what he says. You're just making the problem worse.

Andrew? Instead of talking about all the things that go wrong and that are bad in your life, why not find somethign good every day to write about on here?

No, you won't get as much attention but it will help you feel better.

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't notice I speak of Andrew and the issue at hand in every one of my comments....read a bit closer next time.

We are simply fighting for what we each believe as being the right thing for Andrew....they are opinions! And this is a blog, once again let Andrew put the stipulations on what he does or does not want on his blog.

Did you ever think that him watching us all comment about our comments may keep him busy or even keep him entertained so he doesn't do anything stupid?

Controversy is a part of life and I am ecstatic that Andrew let's us put our "opinions" on his blog. If he doesn't like it he can change it.

Thank you Andrew!


Anonymous said...

And what if...this is all a hoax that we are all falling for???? I'd be willing to write anything to get people to send me money & feel sorry for me. This is the first time I have posted btw...
Anonymous #2/Jen

Anonymous said...

I also agree that you should be more positive in your posting and that you are looking for attention.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a hoax?


justLacey said...

I guess he didn't like it, he did change it.

Brown Spice said...

Oh man, A $400 Camera for $25..that sucks... i hope you get it back soon bro. *Sends u an online slap* don't do anything like this in future. I am sure you have tons of people who love you dearly and will give away millions for you. Just talk to your parents when you need money, thats what i do and it always works man.

nengaku said...

Wow! I feel like I've just sat through a group therapy session!
Andrew - here's my feedback, for what it's worth: I know being an addict in recovery is extremely difficult. I also know how much mental illness can let you every which way but loose. I've done things I regret too. Hocking a $400 camera for $25 should be my craziest moment! My last major manic episode cost me $50,000 and that was BEFORE the divorce! Hang in there brother. I do NOT recommend accepting donations here - cash assistance is not really what you need at all. Every recovering addict can understand that.
I sure hope you can get your camera back. I was really enjoying your pictures.
Get to a meeting.
Get a sponsor.
One day at a time.
(( ))

C. R. Morris said...

Apparently I'm late. I hope you can get your camera back and I take Benadryl at night so that I can sleep. I hate staring at the ceiling while everyone in the house is asleep. I hope to hear that your camera is in your hands asap. Please just keep moving forward.


STill willing you along in Crustyland!
the entire Crustyfamily!! :)