Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ole Bessie

I didn't have much chance to take pictures today. I just couldn't find something suitable to shoot. Here are some pictures of a cow in a pasture near my home. I was standing in the road hundreds of yards away. This camera has a fantastic zoom lens.

Ummm, I think I am leaving this party!

Would taste better with some parmesan and some salt and pepper.

Closeup of our object of desire.

Let's try some of this salad!


Ryan said...

Love your blog. I especially admire your ability to somehow write about something when you have nothing to write about. I mean, I'm looking at pictures of a cow and I still love it! You're the main inspiration I had for adding a story-writing technique into my blog posts, which has been warmly accepted and has gained me a few more dedicated readers. Thanks, keep up the good work and good luck with your life.

- Ryan

Kelly Jene said...

Great pictures. Cows are such serene animals for the most part. I want your camera!! : )

Anonymous Boxer said...

"Hmm. Hmm. Good."

I like the pictures being grouped together... it tells a little story.

mapiprincesa! said...

Thank you. Just checking in on you today. I'm feeling nostalgic but, since going back on my vitamin D I'm suddenly feeling so much better about Life. My blog pictures are less story telling than they are illustrative and/or necessary to the comprehension of my stories. We're into Japan now.

Take care. Congratulations on the overcoming of your greatest fears. I have not envied your panic attacks and ache for you through each one you experience. I also am upping my water and salt water regimen, thanks to PipeTobacco's sagacious words.

Be well, Andrew. As always, peace...

Judy said...

Beautiful pictures.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Love the cow pix, Andrew! Ahh to have that life! Looks so simple and peaceful, doesn't it? Though I guess it doesn't come to such a great end! :-)

simonsays said...

These are great photos, esp if you are that far away! Your camera really does have a great zoom. Aren't the simplest things sometimes the most beautiful? Thanks for taking the time to share them, Andrew!


Jackson my first born used to be scared of cows..I wonder if he still is? heheheheee!
Beautiful pictures.they're such good pictures I can almost smell the cows. :)