Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping my Fingers Crossed

Having Computer problems today. They seem to be getting worse and worse. I think my processor is overheating. I finally got the bright idea to take the side off the case and put a box fan to blow in. So far, so good. It has been running for hours without an abrupt restart. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I need a new computer and will see if I can get one for Christmas this year if I build it from scratch. Building one will save about a thousand dollars.

Spent most of the afternoon down at the shopping center. The gang that used to hang out down there no longer does. The only regular was Slop (Big S). He no longer panhandles, but wastes his time sitting on the bench in front of the Piggly Wiggly people watching. Slop and I were having a discussion about George.

"He loved you," Slop said with a smile.

"Don't talk about him like he is gone," I replied. "He isn't dead yet."

"It doesn't look good from what I've heard."

"I will wait until all the tests come back," was my reply.

Slop seemed to take some sick satisfaction out of George's demise and predicament. Slop always was the worst gossip of the gang. You couldn't tell him anything without it being spread far and wide.

I finally bid Slop goodbye and walked down to the rail yard. An old seventies vintage GP38-2 was switching lumber cars in the wood yard. I pulled my pen and pad out of my backpack and noted the numbers of the locomotive for model railroading use. The GP38-2 was always one of my favorite locomotives. Loud clashes of metal coupler upon metal coupler could be heard as the cars were coupled together. I wanted so much to hop on and take a ride when the train was ready to leave for Atlanta.


Leann said...

Hey Andrew!! Just spent some time catching up on your posts. Congrats on the sobriety thing! I know it's not easy.

I love Christmas, my favorite time of the year. It's hard for me tho without the kids and grandkids around. Takes some of the joy out of it. Nothing beats a real tree!!

Take care and hope all is well. It's sooooo cold here. Has to be 31 degrees outside. No snow yet tho, but the mountains are seeing lots. Mary's Peak, which is a few miles from here got its' first snow, so maybe a day of sledding is in has been years.

Barb said...

I said an intentional prayer for you, Rosa, George and the gang last night, before falling asleep. My prayer is one that asked for intentional healing for George, and peace to fall into you this day. I hope to hear of God's work!


Josie Two Shoes said...

I love trains too, Andrew. I used to hear them rumbling by in the middle of the night from my bedroom window as a child. There is so much nostalgia connected with them from "the old days", sometimes I wish that I too could hop on and ride!

madamspud169 said...

I hope you've spent some time preparing yourself just in case you hear something bad about George. He's put his body through a lot one way or another as you know. I would hate to see it knock you down, you've come so far and done so well lately.

Kelly Jene said...

Computer problems stink! Mine was built by a friend from church.. we've always had built ones. I wish we could afford a new one. Soon!

I prayed for George and I really hope he pulls through.

Thanks for the comment on the bridge pic I posted... it was a nod to you and your fabulous photography .. I was inspired. ;)

nengaku said...

I once jumped on a train in Winatchee Washington and rode it to Chicago. It was all those piggy-back cars - no box cars. Cold as hell! But a great adventure - when I was 19 years old. Sure wouldn't want to try these days....
Peace - and I'm keeping George in my thoughts.

Ann said...

Hey Andrew, maybe you've already done this, but if you are comfortable with it and you already have the cover off, look to see if you have dust on the fan (or in the box) that is making your computer overheat. I found a wad of cat hair wrapped around my fan in my computer a couple of months ago - and after cleaning it out, my overheating problems virtually stopped.

Make sure you unplug it first, of course

M said...

oh. i think of you every time i hear the train up here north of the Mason Dixon line.

take care!

[Un]Censored said...

Aside from cleaning out the fan, if your processor has a fan on top of it, and it's not working, it CAN melt your motherboard, so if that first suggestion doesn't help, you may have to check into that, also.

Love your blog.

Summer said...

I love trains. LOVE them. Why is that?