Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shootin' the Shit

This morning found me down at the shopping center. It was cold, but with a brilliant sun. I bundled up in a jacket and found Big S sitting out front of the grocery store. Big S was wearing his overalls and a fleece jacket. Upon his head was a baseball cap which is something uncharacteristic for him.

"I'm thinking about looking for jobs," I told Big S as I sat down.

"You haven't worked in years," Big S said, surprised.

"I worked at this grocery store for a few weeks a couple of years ago," I replied.

"What brought this on?" Big S asked.

"I am tired of sitting around all day with nothing to do. I want to support myself."

Big S laughed.

"You've been brainwashed," Big S said with a chuckle. "Work isn't going to cure what ails you. You will grow tired of it quickly."

I shrugged. I know not to listen to Big S. Big S is a man who spends all his time sitting down at a shopping center wasting his time.

Soon, George came pulling up. I was overjoyed. I hadn't seen George in weeks and have sorely missed my interesting friend.

"What's up my brotha!" George exclaimed from his car sitting in the fire lane.

I walked over and got in his car.

"I was just telling Big S that I was going back to work."

George laughed.

"I heard there is good money in delivering pizzas," George said. "You have a good car."

"I just can't see to drive at night," I replied, daunted.

George went on to tell me about his days and how his mother has been doing. Mrs. Jones' spat with dementia passed and she is doing well. I was very pleased to hear that. George is still drinking lots of beer and ruining his liver.

"George, I wish you would go to A.A. with me," I said as I got up to leave.

"I've told you before that A.A. is nothing but a religious cult," George said excitedly and negatively.

I just smiled and walked off for home noticing this beautiful day -- full of cool breezes, brilliant sunshine and the fall color of leaves. I do think I am going to be okay -- that my life is going to end up well. Me and my higher power are going to work together to get my life on track. Let me get ready for my noon A.A. meeting.


mary said...

Good Luck and God bless!

Beautifully Profound said...

Did you ever get a hold of the animal shelter people? If you didn't you still should, those places are pretty desperate for help you know. Besides, if you do want to get a job, it would be good to put on a resume. Anyways, glad your day was better. Take care.

Cheryl said...

What a difference a day makes, huh?

Kelly Jene said...

I love your new outlook!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Good try with asking your friend to come to AA.

Have a wonderful afternoon - enjoy those fall colors.

Dreaming Mage said...

so you are good freinds with George Jones? What about Waylon and Willie?


You can always remind George to think of the consequences of drinking too much. I am still getting over my hepatitis. Having a damaged liver may ruin your lifestyle. I miss drinking hard liquor, for now I can only drink beer. ^^


I love how you speak about your higher brings chills.

Great happy post in spite of dear George but the beauty of it was captured by the fact that you didn't get upset by his comment. Very very nice post.