Thursday, October 18, 2007

Positive Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I am going to A.A. tonight and that should help my spirits.
  2. I still have a home and it is clean.
  3. I still have a car.
  4. I still have Rosa and Maggie (almost as important as any!)
  5. I still have an internet connection and my prized computers.
  6. I have some smokes and cokes!

It could be a lot worse!!!!!


Anonymous Boxer said...

Amen, to cokes and cigarettes!

OK, Amen to everything you listed.


CJM-R said...

Good for you!! Thanks for clarifying the issues between you and your dad. I understand it better now. Control issues for him, I guess. Does he go to Alonon? It would be helpful for the relationship and then he might begin to understand that attempting to control you just makes things worse all around.

Glad to read that you are on the up-swing, and as always, appreciate your honesty! Your willingness to accept people's commments is admirable, too.

Have a nice evening... and so glad the breathing worked for the panic attacks.

Take care,

R.E.H. said...

Good to see you a little more upbeat. Keep it up.

And, hey. Don't worry about boring us with anything. I have yet to be bored by anything you've written.

Andrew said...

Thanks Boxer, Lena, and r.e.h.,

Your comments put an extra spring in my steps as I am cleaning up around the house!!!!


Barb said...

7. Alot of people on here, think about you, care about you, and believe in you!!!


Andrew said...


Thank you. That is one of the best positives thoughts for today. Take care of yourself.


SOUL: said...

hey there.. just popped in to say hi.. good to see you're doin well.
and yep- could be much worse.
glad it's not.
latah brotha

Kelly Jene said...

You sound much better, I'm glad to read that. Sometimes listing what we're grateful for helps us to be see the good in even the small things in life.


hahah..I like that..smokes and coke...I bet that first smoke tasted so good..sigh...I want one. :(
Smokes and smokes and chokes..
glad you have much more of a spring in your're much more like Tigger today..yesterday, Eeyore...(a friend of mine wrote a post today about winnie the pooh-sorry, I've got winnie the pooh on my brain!)
we all care about you..I hope you know that..and don't worry about the people that feel as if they should "take charge" with your life in the comments box...just like parents they mean well, even if it doesn't always come out in such a nice way. :)

simonsays said...

Yea, things are looking up! :)

amelia said...

It's good to hear you sound a little more positive and thanks for clarifying the Dad situation.

My own opinion is that you should be making some extra money any way you can. Total dependence is emasculating and not what you need. Let's hope your blogger ads get reinstated and that some idiot doesn't spoil it for you again.

Someone needs to speak to dad and tell him to ease up on being such a control freak.

CarmenSinCity said...

Otherwise known as a "gratitude list" and I have to make them all the time too. It's very easy to get caught up in what we don't have instead of focusing on the good things that we do have. If you had a sponsor (I don't know if you do or not), he might tell you to make a gratitude list daily.

fernanskaia said...

indeed it could be a lot worse!
although you've got what it takes to survive :P

Sharyna said...

I notice your ads are back. That's good. I fully understand your relationship with your father. I have had similar relationships.


Scott said...

Very good! Be positive!

Just, maybe you could try quitting smoking? It is REALLY bad for you!

Leann said...


I don't know what to say....what I want to say would probably be misconstrued, so I'll leave it at, kudos to you for looking on the positive side!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Andrew. I don't post often (only have a few times), but know people are praying for you.

Keep your head up, man.



here's to hoping that you have a full pack of cigarellos and a 24pack of coca cola!

Portia said...

What a simple but moving and important post. I'm glad you have these things to be thankful for!

savannah said...

sending good vibes/thoughts your way! i've been remiss in daily reading, but i'll pop over more now. take care, sugar.(love the new look here!)

jkyleh said...

Being thankful is the first step into being more. Focus on that and rest will take care of itself.

Dr. J. Kyle Howard

Phil Dixon said...

I have to bookmark this, way to tired to read too much tonight but I'll be back. Looks like good stuff.