Sunday, October 28, 2007


I seem to have one or more anonymous yahoos who revel in tearing me down at every opportunity. It happens. I have come to the conclusion that my blog has come of age to be graced with such presences. I have never, ever read a popular or widely read blog that didn't have it's detractors. I am not saying my blog is popular because a thousand visits a day is small change in the grand scheme of things that go blog. It is telling, though, that some person feels the need to criticize my every move. God, and I thought I had no life. C'est le vie!!!!


Anonymous said...

you spelled "its" wrong.

Barb said...

I should have saved cmy comment on "Cold Morning Dawns" for "Malice" because it is more fitting. Shame on them, Andrew~ Shame on them!

lynn said...

Just keep taking it one day at a time. The alcoholism is like a monster that wants to drag you back into its menacing presence! With God's help you can do it.

Mom's Blog said...

You Anonymous spell checker made me feel sad. When my mom was alive I would show her some creative written work of mine and she would always say "hmm nice..but you spelled ___wrong." The reason it made me sad was she never saw how gifted I was because her brain was wired for correcting spelling and grammar rather than seeing the beauty of the creation. Finally I gave up and would always bring things to her for proof reading. Through the years I would see her correct spelling everywhere she went.. wrong spelling and grammar would just jump out and make her crazy.Her only relief was to let the perpetrator know about the error to "help" them.. yet she did not have a creative bone in her body. I feel sorry for myself that she could never join me in my creativity.. but on the other hand she saved me from embarrassment when I would create an advertisement for my business by proofreading it before I sent it to print. Don't loose the creativity you share by worrying too much about the proofreaders..they just can't control this behavior. Besides when you send your first book to the publisher they will have it professionally proofed as they won't be buying your material because of spelling and punctuation ;)

Anonymous said...

its no big deal to spell it's wrong!

Joshua said...

Tell'em to fuck themselves.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Andrew, I feel pity for people who have nothing better to contribute than negative comments and put downs. How sad their lives must be, that the feel the need to spread unhappiness. I suppose we can give them two points for finding the energy to "comment" if you could call it that. I still stand by blocking anonymous comments - it becomes a too easy vehicle for harassment, as I learned on my blog. Anyone can easily get a google ID to comment with, even if they prefer not to blog. Let the cowards at least give us an ID to respond to! Anyone who has anything of value to share doesn't hide. I am glad you can see it for what it is, and not a reflection on your writing. It should be obvious from the bulk of comments you receive, how many people are behind you and how many find your writing to be gifted. I dare say some of your anonymous detractors might be jealous!

Leon said...

Andrew - Just delete the critics. If they come back and find that their comments are gone, maybe they will stop coming back.

Anonymous Boxer said...

You must push some buttons in them, Andrew. Ignore them. I can't imagine what their lives are like in real life.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

mago said...

Don't feed trolls.
Ignore them.

mapiprincesa! said...

If his/her/their greatest problems lie in your spelling errors, then I actually pity those individual(s). Personally, I'd rather live Life... However, if I had requested an editor, the question would be different. Save the worries for when you decide to publish! (wink-wink)

geza said...

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nengaku said...

I usually don't even read the comments you get here. I log in to see what YOU have written, not other people. Shine on, brother!

EE said...

You may want to stop allowing anon comments...see if these trolls have the balls to post with their info attached.
Just know that you've definitely "made it" as a blogger when you start getting negative comments.
If the spell-checker came to my blog, he'd have a hay-day!
Have a good one!

Kelly Jene said...

If you decide to keep allowing them, just make sure that you remember that its just immature people making unneeded comments. They still must enjoy your blog otherwise their "intellect" wouldn't allow them back. ;)

And just so you know, your blog was the first I found in the blogging world and now I have several blog buddies because of you! Keep it up!

Scott said...

1,000 hits? A DAY?!

I should think that is popular! I am lucky to get 40 hits a day!

Sorry you have $%#&'s criticizing you.

I think your blog is great. Well, it's more your attitude about caring for your fellow humans that is great!

Les Becker said...

"Pitiful Little Lives." Someone I loved dearly used to say that about people who cut others down, or gossiped. Ever notice, too, how they are just about almost ALWAYS "Anonymous"? GUTLESS COWARDS, with pitiful little lives. Yep.

I don't know you. But I'm very proud of you Andrew. Just "keep on keeping on". You have more courage than many, many people.

Marilyn said...

I'm with you Scott. I almost peed my panties the day I got 58 visits to my blog. Hasn't happened since though. Good thing, I'm out of clean panties and I hate doing laundry.

C. R. Morris said...

Ha ha... seriously. The poor souls have nothing better to do than sit around and leave rude comments on blogs. *sigh* I would say that your blog is quite popular. Just think of them as ants at a picnic. You don't like them, but they usually won't go away. As for the word its, when writing things out, it has to be fast or else lose the thought. Errors can be corrected but great ideas usually cannot be reclaimed. Congrats on your gnats! ;-)

Lynette said...

Don't let them be anonymous. I don't check the grammar, if the words flow thats what I see and feel.

Claudia said...

for every one who wants to drag you down with ugliness, there are a hundred more who wants to help raise you up because we love your blog Andrew! Im happy you aren't letting the inevitable ugliness get to you.