Friday, October 19, 2007

Hope You Come Back, Pam!

I've been reading Pam's blog for a long time. She has a very debilitating case of schizophrenia. More so than mine. She quit writing a long time ago and I surmise she is in the hospital. I've been there before, but mostly my stays were but for a week. Time to get eating right again. Get life back on schedule. And time to sort out my medications.

I tried commenting on her blog, but my comments caused her to become paranoid and she banned me. I understand completely. I know from a first hand experience how difficult it can be dealing with a schizophrenic or mentally ill writer and blogger. I realize some of my recent postings have been hard to read and not the feel good blogs of my old self. You are getting to see all of me. Warts and all. And I always appreciated that about Pam's writings. She wrote about her paranoia's -- her self defamation her illness caused -- the turmoil it put her through. Hope you come back soon, Pam!


Concerned2 said...

Schizophrenic or not, no one wants a feel good blogger all of the time. Your honesty and insight are good reading. Have you thought about publishing your own memoirs?

Andrew said...


I am working on a written version of my memoirs and hope to find a publisher.


Barb said...


You write with such clarity, and impress me! I am so concerned about you. I hope this exacerbation goes away swiftly, and you feel better! Do share it all, if it helps...we care, and keep returning!

be well,

Kelly Jene said...

If you can't be the real you, why blog at all?

Anonymous said...

You're having a rough, rough patch. Hang in there. Remember you are strong and you can win.

Cheryl said...

Just stopping in to say hello before I head up to bed. I'll be looking for you tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Pam is up and running again I went to her site and there was a post from today. I hope that it contiunes to help you. Keep up your wonderful work of writing. I find it very helpful for me to see someone elses side of the story. Great night.


Melissa said...

Have gotten your new camera yet?? We are waiting for some new pictures. Also if there is a picture that I like can I copy it to the computer and use it?


Anonymous Boxer said...

I'll be gone for a few days, Andrew, and I think one of the things I'll miss from my Cyber World is your writing.

Take care and be well.

CJM-R said...

Good night or should I say Good Morning?

I have no doubt that you will get your book published. Never give up that dream.

Be well... and by the way, thanks for all the blogs that you recommend. Appreciate it.

Be well...

Summer said...

I finally had some time to read what you've been going through this week. I hope that this morning finds you feeling better and finding some peace. I love your blog, for many reasons, and I am interested in every aspect of your life.

Andrew, we all have warts, but they don't count, it's what you carry around on the inside that counts. I would feel very blessed if I had you as a friend in real life.


Funny you should say that (and just how does someone "ban"
someone from a blog?) Because there have been times when I've put comments here and have thought to myself especially with some of your harder moments/posts that I hope I wasn't making your emotional/mental state worse because I can't feel what you feel, I can't understand what you have to face daily and I would never want to put anymore doubt in your mind..when your at a fragile moment..
I hope she's doing well, and I'll keep her in my thoughts.

P.S. What Summer said is true..we all have our issues. (I like her version-wARTS- better!!)


I went to check out Pam's site...there's a posting from the 20th!!!
You bring Good luck my friend!! :)