Monday, October 1, 2007

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Wil Wheaton's new book is on sale. I have good intentions of ordering a copy next month after the initial shock of my recent camera purchase wears off. Will is a wonderfully talented writer whose experiences growing up mirror my own in a good kind of geeky way sans the acting jobs. We both loved video games, Star Wars, and Dungeons and Dragons. I lived to put a quarter in the Donkey Kong machine down at Rose's which is now the shopping center where the gang hangs out. Wil tells his tales with a contagious exuberance I have seldom found in the writings of other authors.

I admire Wil for going the route of self promotion and self publication bypassing the big publishing houses. It is what I want to do with my book Hardscrabble Times and my memoirs.

Wil Weaton's The Happiest Days of Our Lives. Click on the link for ordering information.


Cheryl said...

You know I've never read anything by Wil Wheaton. Not even his blog. I'll have to at least check that out.

I'm having a depressing night. I hope yours is better.

nengaku said...

Andrew, I was thinking of you this morning while I was walking and watching the sunrise with Venus. Here's a link to the picture I posted on my blog as a favor to you:
Also - I tried to look at your latest post, Sky High, but get a Page Not Found error.

Andrew said...

Cheryl, you worry me when you get to feeling that way. CHEER UP! I can have my friends feeling badly. I look forward to you posting a blog post tonight.


Thanks for the picture. The post "Sky High" was about a conversation I had with Ferret today. He is getting high popping six or more Benadryl saying they feel like taking Valium. I thought kids would search for and found the blog post and get ideas about getting high so I took it down. Take care!

amcdermott said...

Just a quick thought, re: google ads. Is there anyway you could change the setup of things so the cheques from Google are made out to your mother or father (or maybe even Rosa - I don't think she's double cross you).

The you could still earn the money from Goole and it wouldn't affect your income as far as your meds are concerned because, officially that money would belong to somebody else.

What they decide to do with it is their business - for example, if your mother got the google cheques and she decided to give all of this money to you... well that's her business right?

SOUL: said...

hi my brotha..just an early morning hello to ya

Portia said...

good to know it can be done! best of luck with your own books - you've already got several of the first copies sold:)