Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Strife

The ongoing strife with my father over my disability benefits never ends. It literally takes the wind out of my sails.  He has tightened the noose once again saying I am spending too much. He says I must live off of $85 dollars a week using it almost like a weapon against me.  I realize I must appoint a third impartial party over it.  Social Security just makes it so hard to do.  I am just too exhausted and tired to do anything about it anyway.  Maybe I need to drive out to the mental health clinic and get the ball rolling this afternoon.  All I want to do is stay in this house and smoke one cigarette after the other.  Sorry for the lack of updates.


Eric Valentine said...

Sorry to hear that Andrew. Isn't there some small part time job that you could do to off set this set back and at the same time please your father that you are at least trying?

Just a thought my friend.


First he requests that you remove the ads because it's bringing in too much money, and then he's saying you're spending too much money. ahhh, parents..no matter how old we get,right?
I hope you're doing okay..miss seeing you over in CB land..I hope I didn't say anything to upset you..because if for some reason I did, by all means, please tell me.
I'm crawling up walls over here not smoking..I have to succeed..
and you will succeed..you will..I sound like a broken record, eh?


Dreaming Mage said...

you ARE spending too much if you are going out for cafe breakfasts every morning.

I am currently considered disabled by two different doctors for two seperate reasons. But I make more than the $700 allowance for application or after acceptance of the benefit, and I refuse to stop if can avoid it.

I can't afford restaurant meals, or a new digital camera.

With dad providing housing and bills, it is perfectly reasonable to live on $85/wk. I do that with a dog and an internet habit.

And I am an alcoholic too. I can fit a quart of liquor into that budget and go without the rest of the time.


Stacy said...

I agree with Mage! I work 60+ hours a week and live off less then $50 a week in spending money- including gas which is $3.02 a gallon here (after gas, it comes out to about $25 a week).

I would like to go out to eat every morning and buy breakfast and sleeping bags for friends, but it's all I can do to keep my own head above water.

I don't think $85 a week is crazy.

I understand the unhappiness with someone telling you how much you can live off of- that does suck, but when someone else holds the purse strings, you have to play by their rules.

Use that emotion to keep you sober and motivated to find a job that works for you and meets your needs. I see you working the front desk at a dr's office or something- flipping burgers IS stressful! It is a stressful, ungrateful, depressing job. Don't let the manual labor factor fool you- the jobs you think are easy becasue they don't require a degree are some of the hardest jobs on the planet!

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posts above... $85 per week should be more than enough for you to live off of if your father is paying all the bills.
I really think he's only trying to look after your best interests. Heed his advice.

Anonymous said...

Stop crying and get a job if you want more than $85 a week.