Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Pseudo Man in the Road

There was a time, not long ago, that Rosa and I would sit up late at night listening to Coast to Coast AM. "I can't believe you believe this stuff," she would tell me. "I don't," I would reply. "I am amazed at people that do, though." Planet-X. Chuppacabras. Aliens. Big Foot. All came to life on the radio late at night for our listening enjoyment. We would sit on my porch as the moon and stars danced in the sky as my little portable radio droned. The infamous Art Bell would speak excitedly of things mystical, unreal, and unbelievable in a way that made you want to believe.

Tonight was a flashback to those times. I and Rosa sat on my porch as the radio played softly and the rain steadily fell. A man was quoting scripture from Revelations in the hopes of proving the existence of Planet-X. "I believe it's return will shift the very foundation of Earth and move the moon and stars," the man said excitedly. His excitement was contagious.

"Do you believe in Planet-X?" Rosa asked, amused.

"No," I replied. "But I can see why people do. It is so fantastic!"

The "open line" hour arrived and I listened intently. A man called in to this nationally syndicated radio show from my hometown saying he saw a Big Foot on county road 103. I was amazed at it being such a small world.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Rosa excitedly.

"County road 103 is the road to Columbus, Georgia," Rosa said astonished.

It was a pitch black night without a moon. It was big--like an ape--covered in wiry hair. 7 foot tall, it stood in the road and stopped my car and growled at me--my headlights illuminating it. I reached for my camera, but it had disappeared as fast as it had appeared. I remember the smell. It smelled like manure and it was overwhelming.

"Hey, to think we have our own Big Foot," I said as I smiled and looked at Rosa with an amusing glare.

"That guy was drunk or smoking something," Rosa said so seriously.

I burst out laughing. So true. Something got in that fellow's Wheaties that morning. It just goes to affirm why I love this radio show so much. I just wish it came on during the day and not after midnight. It is playing havoc with my sleeping habits.


simonsays said...

I listen to that show occasionally when we are driving home from a late night out, and i have to agree with you, it's fun! :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

As much as we know that 99% of this stuff is bogus, Andew, it is still fun to listen to it - our human curiousity always makes us wonder just a tiny bit. Glad you and Rosa were enjoying it together. :-)

Portia said...

i love the picture of you & rosa smoking on the porch under the rain listening to late nite radio...the simple moments are the best, and i love how you capture that!

Anonymous said...

I listen to Art Bell also. Who cares if its real or not? It's still entertaining.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Funny how that camera is always just a little too S L O W to capture that Big Foot! :-)

Candleman said...

Do skeptics call Art Bell too? Or are they all asleep? Midnight is waaaaay past my bedtime.

Nikita1 said...

Big Foot....I'm little foot...:)) Still love your writing!! wicked!

Le Fleur said...

Wow, your own big foot, I want one :P

You've created a beautiful picture here.

Leann said...

We have our very own big foot here in Oregon too Andrew. Just ask those who listen to that late night

You paint a very vivid picture.

Hope all is well in your world


SOUL: said...

i never heard the show before... but it sounds like it might be worth a couple hours of sleep now and then.

hope you are havin a good day

Nikita1 said...

Have you started with the art? Let us know! btw...i'm in London...if you've thought that i'm in SA...with your message this morning...:))Going to add more pics 2morrow morning...think you will like those too..

Andrew said...


No I haven't. My rough weekend a few weeks back diverted me. I need to make that phone call and get involved. Just getting that haircut the other day was a major hurdle for me to jump. One day at a time as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thanks for the pictures. I am enjoying them.


Le Fleur said...

I'm baack!

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I really do hope that you get into painting soon though, I know you'll love it.


That sounds like a cool show, I'll have to check it out!!

So, the dude that saw bigfoot just so happened to have a camera sitting right next to him, eh?
It sounds like someone finally found that missing gorilla that escaped from the pennsylvania zoo a few weeks back-:)

I noticed you said, sleep habits! I remember a few months back that you had no habits regarding sleep-look how much things have improved! ROSA-you're a LEGEND!! :)


Beautifully Profound said...

Me and an ex used to listen to Art Bell all the time. Listen about planet x and the Anunake (sp?). It's all quite interesting and entertaining to listen to. Anyway, I just stumbled upon your blog last night. I am sure there isn't anything I can say about it that you haven't already heard before. Just keep writing, keep living and stay strong. Take care!

Nikita1 said...

Hi Andrew...tks for the reply, take your have all the time in the world...why not have a go at home on something and if you think it is good, share with know i always tell kids that everybody can be an's just a matter of following lines...have a look at my kids art on my blog...i think they are great artists...dig around in June/July...they did some in the style of Paul Klee and also for our Refugee art display...Paul Klee is really an easy style to try...:) enjoy your day! you might want to look at the pics i've uploaded which i told you about...

abbagirl74 said...

Perhaps it was Big S?

Bridget said...

Just wanted to pass you a quick note that I LOVE your blog and also that I'm a fellow Coast to Coast fan. I don't believe in all of the stuff on the show, but it's way more entertaining than anything on TV.

You've posted that you wish Coast was on during the day. Well, you can listen to it during the day - and before everyone at night hears the day's show. I do that nearly every day in work. You can either go on the website and click the link to "Listen to Last Night's Show," or if you want to listen to it radio-style, there is a station in Guam that broadcasts it over the web. K57 AM. Guam is a day ahead of our timezone, which means that you can hear Tuesday night's show now if you wanted. The show runs 3a-6a their time, which would be 1P to 4P our time. The link for the station is: Make sure you have RealAudio on your computer; that is the file type the stream is in.

I am on dial-up internet and have no problem listening to radio over the web.

~ Bridget in Connecticut.