Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's Get It To-Go

I managed to sober up enough to be able to take my mother out to eat. We went to local restaurant called Barnes that has been around since the sixties. I got the scrumptious baby ribeye and my mother got the baked catfish, staying true to her diet. It was delicious and the only mar to the evening was seeing my former in-laws. As expected, they treated me coldly. I just smiled, said hello, waved, and put on a brave face.

"We would have to run into them, tonight," my mother said quietly over the table. My mother always disliked my in-laws.

"It would be just my luck," I replied, looking pained.

I took mom home and swung by the shopping center to check on Clara which is just behind my parent's house. The sun was setting in hues of beautiful orange, yellow, and pink -- almost like a vivid oil painting hung on a gallery wall for all to see. Oh, how I wish my camera was here.

Clara was sitting in front of nail salon with her legs crossed bouncing her foot as she smoked a cigarette. She looked terribly bored.

"It is going to get cold tonight," I told her as I walked up and sat down beside her on the bench.

"I know," she said. "I am going to freeze my ass off. That's why I got this."

She pulled a bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum out of her inside jacket pocket and showed it to me.

"When do you think that sleeping bag will be here?" she then asked.

"The first of next week," I replied.

Clara has already put a twenty dollar down payment on the bag and promised me she was going to pay twenty a week. The sleeping bag was only a hundred and twenty dollars so she should have it paid off soon. The weather guessers are saying we are going to have a warm winter, though. But warmth is relative to a homeless person. What is cold to a homed person is downright balmy to someone living out of doors, or on the streets.

Was determined to give the drinking a miss tonight, just for the rest of the day anyway. I guess I am going to just go walk for a few hours -- walk until I can walk no more.


Cheryl said...

I was reading the comments from earlier today, and I agree about your needing to stay busy. You've said yourself that you have too much time on your hands. Are there any classes you could take? Does your library offer any? How about online? One more question...You wrote about a morning A.A. meeting you attended with Rosa. Do they meet daily?

I'm glad you got to eat out with your mom. I know you both like that. You did the right thing smiling and saying hello to your ex's. You're a better person for doing that.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Walking works wonders Andrew - physically and emotionally. I hope you are able to sleep tonight. Is Rosa around this weekend? I, too, am proud of you for the way you responded to your ex-inlaws. You have the better manners by far!

Summer said...

You do so impress me and I admire you for your strength and weaknesses. You know how to handle yourself. It's far more than I do for me.

Sweet dreams tonight.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Have you ever thought about volunteering? Are there any homeless shelters in your town? You would be a great asset to many places.

I hope your walk brought you peace tonight.

Barb said...

Walk Walk Walk, until you drop in your bed tonight, and fall asleep!

I prayed for you, by name, asking that God's Grace surrounds you, and keeps you safe.


KYRIE said...

Hope u had a tranquil long walk.

I agree with Cheryl.
U may love some creative writings classes, not tht u need thm. But such classes are in line with ur passion, can help take ur mind of drinking, focusing ur energy.
Just a thought.
Take care, and good night.