Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Into the Night I Go

I quietly started to slip out of bed after midnight. I felt Rosa's hand reach out for mine.

"Where are you going?" she asked, sleepily.

"To the porch to smoke," I replied.

"Don't be long. I can't sleep without you."

I pulled on some shorts and my tennis shoes and escaped outside to be greeted by a beautiful night. There was a touch of fall in the air with the temps hovering in the sixties. It almost made me shiver. Don't be long. I can't sleep without you. Those words echoed in my mind as I sat there inhaling heavy cigar smoke -- the taste of cherries on the tip of my tongue. I remembered the first time I saw Rosa down at the shopping center. "You got a cigarette?" she asked. She looked homeless, frumpy, and lost. I would have never thought in a million years that we would fall in love. I thought we were like night and day. "I was a prostitute and homeless," she told me one day in a rare moment of introspection. "Really?" I asked, uncomfortable at such a subject. "It was the only way I could survive without sleeping in homeless shelters," she said. Never say never, I thought about love as I pulled on my cigar. Love has a way of making anything and everything happen.

Mom asked me last night with Rosa sitting there next to me if I thought we would ever get married. "Your father would disapprove, you know?" she said not meaning any harm. It is just mom's blunt and aloof way. I blushed. Yes, I could see us married I wanted to respond, but I just looked at Rosa and smiled. She has never spoken much of the subject.

"Coming to bed yet?" interrupted my wistful thoughts as I turned to look at who was speaking. Rosa was sexily standing at my porch door in a slip and a pair of white cotton panties. I took one more drag of my cigarillo and extinguished it in my ashtray. "Coming," I replied. "Let me write about this first." Rosa smirked and then escaped into my bedroom, shutting the door. Good night dear Rosa. I am soon to follow.


simon said...

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Please let me know whether you are interested. I live in Switzerland and am excited to find out if I can join the English speaking bloggers' community.



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Cheryl said...

You got me again with a chuckle at the end of your post. Reminded me of when my ex asked me to marry him. We were in bed with me reading and him watching sports. He told me he had something important to ask me, as soon as he found out the score.

I remember well the course of your relationship with Rosa. Who would have thought it? I'm very happy for you; you're a lucky man to have her in your life.

Nikita1 said...

When my hubby wanted to ask me to marry, i was him one ahead..saying...I know you wanna ask me to marry! He was speachless...he wanted to do that on the farm, it was full moon that coming weekend...spoilt everything...haha...


What a great love story you have with Rosa...it's a perfect peace for your rather hectic life.

Anonymous said...

If you love Rosa and want to spent the rest of your life with her, why not marry her? Don't allow fear to stop you. I was very young when my husband and I married (19) and I was so afraid that after a few years I wouldn't love him any longer. Well, here we are 41 years later and I love him even more. Marriage is a job, a hard job, you are constantly having to work on it. It's well worth the investment and hard work.

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

Love truly does make the world go 'round.

I'm so very happy read these types of posts from you. I'm so happy for you!!

Take Care!!!