Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Rosa made it home late last night.  She had spent a few days visiting with her daughter and granddaughter.  I was so excited I was about to burst to have her home.  She gets so exasperated with her daughter, though.

"To think. I was once so young and dumb," Rosa told me of her daughter last night.

"We all were once," I replied. "I didn't know my ass from a hole in the wall at her age."

I told her of George calling yesterday.

"You go to that party and I will pout with you for weeks."

I laughed and assured her I had no intentions of going. I was flattered that George had called, though.

Not much else to report. I walked two hours yesterday for six miles and then went to my A.A. meeting. It was another very small meeting which made me uncomfortable. I managed to share and felt like a fool. 

This morning Rosa and me were laying in the bed. I managed to sleep for seven hours straight which is a record for me.

"Don't get up yet," Rosa said as I started to slip out of the bed. "We were sleeping so good."

"I am hungry and want to start breakfast," I replied.

Rosa sighed and curled up in the covers with Maggie. I really wish I could sleep more.  Hell, I wish I could sleep my life away, but cant. When I am awake, I am awake.  A change is probably coming though. I start Zyprexa today and it will make me so sleepy that I cannot stay awake, but for a few hours at a time.  I shudder to think what is going to happen to the blog and my life when I sleep all the time.   


Cheryl said...

When I'm up, I'm up. Like you.

Hope this day is a good one. I'm glad you have Rosa back.

SOUL: said...

yes, i'm glad rosa is back too. she is good for you.

also.. i'm up when i'm up too. and i hate that.

zyprexa... i have been on that med before... i'm trying to remember what it "did" to me. i don't think it made me sleep a lot... but i think it made my legs hurt. i know i didn't take it for very long for whatever reason. there was some sort of side effect. the leg pain may have been from.. whichever one starts with an R.. i just can't think of it.... but just in case... if you get bad muscle pains in your legs etc... you need to have it changed. as much as you like to walk... the pain would not allow you to do that. it's not worth it. there are too many other meds out there to let one prevent you from life! i've taken just about everything under the sun at one time or another... any questions, just ask me.. after all... i am a pharmaceutical analyst :)) (by trial and error.

have a happy day my brotha/
i miss your comments on my page... wussup?

PipeTobacco said...


I am glad Rosa has returned safely as well. It should be very nice for you.

Just to state my opinion about George's party. I will likely be denegrated for going against the mantra of the "psychobabble arena", but to me, I think you SHOULD go to George's party. I think it is good to be with and support friends efforts. George has put forth the effort to continue the friendship that has grown weaker over the last several weeks.

Now, at the party, you can choose one of three options in my opinion:

1. You can go, and then eat and socialize without drinking alcohol.

2. You can go, and then eat and socialize and practice moderate drinking (a six pack or less).

3. You can go, and then eat and drink heavily.

I think any of the three can be possible, although I lean towards having you choose 1 or 2.

The above is simply my opinion, based upon my understanding of behavior and personality scientifically. I rail against much of the "Dr. Phil" psychobabble, mumbo-jumbo that is so popular today. I think we simply need to work to support our loved ones and our friends, and that we simply keep working to make ourselves who we want to be.

I for one, also feel the "stinking thinking" notion that so many of the members of your AA group talk about is a bit preposterous and does not look at life realistically as a learning and growth process.

You are a damn smart, and damn strong man, Andrew. You can do a helluva lot more in life than the masses of psychobabble types suggest is possible. You have it in you to accomplish ANYTHING that you set your mind to.


Mary said...

Andrew, I've been reading your blog every day. I didn't comment but kept you in my thoughts and prayers through your crisis a few days ago. (Hubby had a medical emergency and while I could read your blog I couldn't comment from the computer I had available.) It's good that Rosa is back with you. I hope she realized how important her role is in your life.

You inspired me to start a blog. During your crisis you made note that your blog was a cronicle of your life. (Those may not be your exact words.) My writing won't be as expressive as yours - - I don't have your talent. I'll just have to see how this goes.

Back to you, Rosa, and Maggie: Hope you all have a wonderful day together!

Portia said...

7 hours! :)
i know you miss george and he's not a bad guy, but i wish he would respect the changes you are trying to make in your life. you support your friends whether they are getting drunk or attending AA and it would be nice to see that support returned.
good luck with the zyprexa. i hope the good effects outweigh the bad.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I am also glad that your Rosa is home - she brings balance?

It's hard to be on the threshold of an old life and a new life - the old life is something you know, even if it wasn't good for you.

Stand strong. The new life is within reach.

C. R. Morris said...

I stared at the clock for quite a while last night. I get so tired of watching other people sleep. It's making me bitter. :-(


hi andrew, it's me again, i missed a lot of your posts but i am back, great changes here, just dropping by to let you know that you inspire me a lot, i learn the art of writing through your posts and i am sure i will learn more, you have such a good friend in the name of rosa, i don't much about you yet but i hope i can catch up, always smiles^^

Candy~ said...

I read all these comments and opinions. Some of them understand alcoholism and some of them don't. I do, but from a second hand point of view. I know that it doesn't just effect your life while you are drinking. Stay clean, stay sober and keep those stinky thoughts at bay. One day, one hour and one minute at a time.


I'm glad that Rosa's back for both of your sakes. So, I take it that Rosa's not even interested in attending, eh?
I love that Rosa can be so up front with you..there are so many couples that I see that are lacking severe communicational I've said before, Rosa calls a Spade a spade..
you guys are both so lucky.
Good luck with the medication today..I hope that your sleep improves for your sake, so long as it doesn't meddle with your fun hours!! :)

EE said...

Isn't it the best feeling in the world when you can sleep 7 or 8 hours in a row during the night without waking up?????