Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm at your house without you, but I am too tired to spy, to care about photos from your past, to search for love letters. I'm in your bed waiting for your return, listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. I hear the front door open and shut loudly. You are home. You walk into the room and quickly take off your clothes down to sleeping wear and crawl into the bed.

"Tired?" I ask.

"I'm bushed," you reply.

I spend too much time worrying you’ll die, or I’ll die.  I want you to know, if I never get to say goodbye, that you’re my dreams.  You’re my future.  You’re my family.  And a part of me worries I’ll die before I get to say those words.  That people won’t know how important you are to me, because we didn’t get there yet.  I worry the world won’t know, that you won’t know, that you’re all I’ll ever need.  I want that chance to tell you, to show you, what you are to me, my family. 

You've had a tough day and wanted to stay home.  A friend gave you a ride to a midnight Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Your first in years. I understand completely -- the need not to go alone. I only wish I could have went as well.

"Your daughter called," I say as we curl up in the bed.

"No problems," you reply. "Tell me in the morning."

Everything feels okay that we are together -- two souls in the bed. You say goodnight as you turn off the lamp. I go to sleep to the sounds of you breathing. Comfort. "It's going to be okay," echoes throughout my busy mind as I drift off into slumber land. I am here with my family and it is going to be okay.   


Mc said...

Good writing.

Anonymous said...

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Nikita1 said...

tks for sharing this part of your personal life, it shows you are inviting us in, into your "home" because we already know so much about you, you've accepted us into your world....and we appreciate it...we feel also more "at home" when reading this...excellent reading...excellent setting/mood...well done! I still want you to start a book, Andrew! You have a talent!!

Barb said...

What a beautiful narrative Andrew~

Everyone wants to be loved like that! Amazing, poetic, beautiful, real, palpable! Thanks for sharing that with us~

Love without borders, and it will come back two fold!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Sensitive, beautiful! I hope Rosa sees this! The rest of us - we do know how you feel about your Rosa, it's a wonderful, magical love story that makes us all feel good!

SOUL: said...

very nice. i remember a while back how you wrote about lonliness andrew.. what a difference! i like it.


This was a beautiful post...this should be up there with your tops...I liked this one a LOT!!
I'm going back to re-read it!! :)


I liked the part about being too tired to snoop..that got some giggles out of me...I thought only women did the snooping:)hahah..just kidding..
I hope you had a restful nights sleep!!