Friday, September 7, 2007

Serenity in a Bottle

"You know," I told my father last night. "I thought I would never be this way, but I loved my day being so busy today."

"I'll trade your 'quiet' days for my busy days," dad replied.

I laughed and said, "No thanks."

I went to a lunchtime AA meeting which was good. I saw an old professor friend from my old place of employment and surprised him. I had no idea he struggled with drinking.

"Remember, the AA rule about anonymity," he told me, worried.

"Mum's the word," I replied, kindly.

We had a good time catching up with each other after the meeting. He, like me, had gone through much over the years since we last saw each other. Alcoholism will take your very soul if you let it.

Mom arrived after lunch.

"You need to go by the police department and take a copy of the accident police report to the insurance office," she said.

"Already done," I replied.

My mother was so relieved I was so johnny on the spot about that yesterday. Mom then wanted me and Rosa to go to the grocery store with her. We were the daring trio driving with mom to go to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up potato chips and sauer kraut for last night's hot dog supper. I used to work there and always get caught by my old boss talking. He wants me to come back to work in the produce dept. I said, "no thanks," yesterday again.

Mom then wanted to go by the bank to cash a check. We went by there and then drove over to Fat Albert's so Rosa could play the lottery and I could get my coveted weekly allotment of red hot pickled sausages. Mom eyed my sausages hungrily, but she is on a diet.

"Come on and try one," I told her. "They don't have that many calories."

Mom greedily tore into the package to eat the sausage.

"Gosh, these are delicious," Mom said. She was just starving.

I looked back at Rosa sitting in the backseat and smiled. I loved seeing my mother take satisfaction out of something I so enjoy.

The day ended with another AA meeting and our weekly hot dog supper. I watched the Saints vs. Colts game and went to bed. It was a horrible game to start the NFL season. I was so disappointed in the Saints -- my team.

This morning, I thought of my good friend Pipe Tobacco as I went for my early morning walk as he was probably doing the same. I listened to NPR, like him, as my mind wandered and the sights of the many neighborhoods drifted by. I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise and felt serenity for the first time in quite awhile. My mind was at peace with no evil voices, delusions, or paranoia. I said a little prayer thanking God for this rare moment in my life. I wished I could bottle that moment in life and sell it. I would be a very wealthy man, indeed.


Tiffanie said...

Do you think it seems like AA also helps with your other diagnoses...?

amelia said...

Have you and Pipe Tobacco ever met?

Barb said...

Totally cool Andrew! Stay there, that is my prayer for you!


Portia said...

staying busy does help the time go by, and it helps to not dwell on things too.
i'm glad you found some peace. i hope you find some more:)

Josie Two Shoes said...

There certainly would be a market for such days, Andrew... I would buy a dozen, just to start! :-) It was wonderful to read that you were busy and active yesterday, it's good physically, it's good mentally. I am so pleased that you attended the AA meetings, and got out about the town a little with your Mom. That is such a blessing for her too... what a wonderful son you are!


That's wonderful, what a great day you had!!
How does your mom take to Rosa? How does Rosa take to your mom?

Yeah, I was disappointed that the saints lost uncle's family lost everything down there after Katrina..I was sort of hoping that the NO's would win being that the Colts won over my chicago bears last year...
Have a good friday!! Portia's favorite day has finally arrived!!

C. R. Morris said...

Sounds like a great day..the kind I love. As for that game, was watching as well and... no comment. *sigh* I hope you have a great weekend.. I dread them.

Lara said...

Well I didn't watch the game, but you know if I had, I'd have been cheering for the Colts. Even though I don't like football!

But I find my days to be much more peaceful without football. And like you, I love those peaceful days. Hope you find many many more. :)

impromptublogger said...

I'm glad about your great day but how can you and your mom eat those sausages? Must be a southern thing.... ;-)

Le Fleur said...

Southern thing? I used to love those pickled sausages and I woke up wanting an onion pickle the other day :)

Congratulations on your good day, Andrew, I know you'll have many many more. I had a good day too, I found out I can turn in my application for graduation now. After this semester I'm finally done! That's something to praise the Lord about :P

Ellie said...

very nice post, very nice indeed. Sounds like you had a nice day then. Keep up the good posting!