Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beer Run

George makes me laugh. Almost every time I talk to him, I end up bawling in laughter. Today was the same. We were all siting down at the shopping center. George had just made a beer run to Auburn being that they don't sell alcohol on Sundays here. He pulled up in the fire lane with his captain's cap on, dark sunglasses, and a big toothy grin upon his face.

"Give this brotha some love," George says as he rolls down his passenger's side window.

George thrives on positive reinforcement and attention. I walked over and climbed inside his Buick.

"Me and Pookie were making love last night..." George started to say as I sat down.

"Gross man," I say as I laughed some more. "I don't want to hear about you screwing her." Pookie is entirely unattractive.

"Listen to me, brotha," George replies getting a serious look upon his face. "I was just about to cum when she started laughing uncontrollably. I thought she was laughing at me."

"What happened next?" I ask sheepishly, grinning from ear to ear. Afraid of what I might hear.

"I got to laughing, too, and we couldn't finish making love. We just laid in the bed talking to each other, laughing like little childrens, drinking wine, and smoking cigarettes."

"I thought you were going to tell me she stole your wallet again."

"She promised me she wouldn't do that anymore."

I burst out laughing at the seriousness with which George said that. George got to laughing as well. Pookie will no doubt sneak off with George's wallet once again. She just has to wait until he passes out after one of their drunken love making sessions.

I can't berate George too much though. I've been in some pretty dysfunctional relationships over the years. My marriage to my ex-wife was the strangest existence. It taught me to never get married again. Sure, I entertain getting married to Rosa, but I always have second thoughts. Doubts. There seems to be these tying chords all women exhibit. Like the possessiveness that so exasperates me. My ex-wife was terribly possessive almost as if she owned me. I have had comments on the blog about my and Rosa's relationship that exhibited this same possessive mind set as if I had to tell Rosa what I was doing every minute of every day. To hell with that.

For me, it's about being accountable to someone else which I guess is pretty unhealthy in it's own way. It helps me to moderate my self destructive behavior knowing someone else is dependant or reliant upon me. I need to be made to feel bad, but no so bad I excuse myself from the relationship. The same dynamics play themselves out in my and my father's relationship as well.

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PipeTobacco said...


I am glad you have had fun chatting with George. He is a good person and a good friend.

I too look forward to you receiving your camera. It will be nice to see some more of your photography.

Your friend,


Derrick Davidson said...

Wow nice post.

Nikita1 said...

you made me really smiling when reading the last post! Was fun reading about you i always enjoy reading your posts!
take care...sad news for you...South Africa beat the USA with 64-15, but the Eagles really played their hearts out for the USA and they really played well! I wanna say..well done America, you play better rugby than England! :)

pai said...

"For me, it's about being accountable to someone else which I guess is pretty unhealthy in it's own way."

I don't see that as unhealthy - it's just you have to realize you can't interact with people and not be aware of what you do and how your actions effect others. I don't see that as being tied down or unhealthy.

When you give over all or most of your decision making, self worth and happiness to another... then we're talking unhealthy.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Andrew, I appreciate your honesty in sharing your feelings with us. Acknowledging how we feel is the first step in deciding how we want to approach things.

abbagirl74 said...

To each his own on the marriage part. I don't think I will ever get married either. I have never been married, but I have lived with someone for several years. I just don't see myself doing it. Maybe I have commitment issues. Every person is different. That is what makes us so special.

WhistlinGypsy said...

women's possesive nature is rooted in biology- the need to secure a mate in order to make survival a tad easier. of course, that was before they invented slackers. (slacker cavepeoples became snackers- for large hungry beasts)

serious, there is a difference between wanting to know where someone is- *caring* and telling people where they can/cannot go, whom they can/cannot see- and needing to be glued to your side at all times. Rosa strikes me as to independent for that.

best of luck, boy-o. Cheers!


You are strong!!! You will survive!


You are strong!!! You will survive!