Thursday, September 13, 2007

Afternoon Check-In

I finally got out of the house and went for a long walk after the afternoon storms had passed. The temperature was perfect and I made great strides while I listened to National Public Radio on my little Sony radio.  Then I forced myself into the bathroom to shave.  It had been a day and I had a heavy shadow. I abhor shaving.

Tonight, I have a 7 PM AA meeting and I hope it is good. It has been a terribly long day here. Afterwards, I am cooking supper for me, mom, and Rosa. I am fixing beef lo mein over a bed of rice and chow mein noodles. It is going to be a late supper as I won't arrive home till 8:30 PM.  Tonight's group is the local "oldtimers" group.  Not my favorite, but it is the only viable group left in the area of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Tri-City Sobriety Group is dead for the most part with only court ordered attendees.


Jay M. said...

The important part is that you're still making the effort to go, even though it's not what you'd really prefer.

Maybe someone could make a sign up sheet for people who want to go on different days, or so more active and interested people could go to meetings that weren't just court appointed or old timers.


Chandira said...

Have a great dinner tonight!!

Yeah, regular weekly groups can get old, I have a meditation group that I don't always get to, I confess it. so good for you for not playing hooky like I sometimes do. ;-)

SOUL: said...

i know whatcha mean about how AA is changing. it's too bad too. keep goin though. it may be you who makes a difference to someone else. ya never know. right?

dinner sounds great. hope it's good.

we had BBQ sandwiches.

latah ..

AN-DREW... you got rid of that eye thing!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
thank you thank you thank you!!!

mago said...

Shaving ... I read once that women have a bad time once in a month and man every day ... the goddess revenge so to say ...

Heck - Andrew, keep yours together now.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Just as my Soul Sis said, Andrew - not only do you attend AA for yourself, but there just might be someone there who needs your welcoming presence. Life works that way. So keep going when you can - it serves a purpose. Though I join you in wishing more folks were active. I know it would make it more comfortable for you.

Delighted that you got out for a walk today, and are cooking supper for the ladies in your life tonight. Keeping active makes the days so much nicer!

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Le Fleur said...

I'm glad you are going to a meeting tonight and going to have dinner with people you love. The main thing I dread is getting out of bed, but I often wonder how I do it now when I had to imagine my mother carrying me out in a straight jacket as inspiration when I was in highschool. Either that or come up with positive things that awaited me if I moved. I suppose it gets better as we get stronger :)

Nikita1 said...

Hi Andrew...good to hear you keep going...go to a tree today...make sure it is a leafy one...huge..sit and experience the peace of that tree...look at the leaves, the colours, the shapes, and say "thank you" to God, for Him giving life to that tree to be a "shelter" to you...and say "thank you" for another day to be up and are free!! enjoy your day!
ps...i prepared trout last night...took pics...players on the chess site want to see those pics...haha..those heads...i don't like the heads...sold attached ...gee worse...i cut it off first...i can't bear looking at those heads/eyes..anyway...why not uploading us next time some of your fantastic dishes you prepared for Rosa/mom! They should be lucky having you!
take care enjoy your day!