Monday, August 6, 2007

Work is Never Done

I'm rewriting Hardscrabble Times. I started after lunch and a nap. It is more fun this second time bringing these written scenes to life. I am adding more descriptions, adjective goodness, and dialogue. All the while trying not to make it too wordy. Writing makes me admire the authors that can pump out books annually like it was just another day at the job.

I starting writing this book the first time with a grand plan. I have an elaborate outline written down on a back page of my paper journal. The story evolved and took on a life of it's own. I want to make it more interesting and vibrant with this second writing. It is slow going though.

The memoirs of summer camp are also going well. I wrote a four page story late this afternoon of one of my less well liked cabin mates during the summer of 1987. I was a counselor in training. Queef as we called Keith was stealing from his cabin mates. We concocted an elaborate plan to throw him in the canoeing lake at midnight. Into the water poor Queef went. It was a form of community vigilante justice commonly found in a boy's summer camp setting. We took care of our own and dished out punishment when necessary. It reminds me of that book: The Lord of the Flies.


M said...

I read an author's profile recently. She said she re-wrote her first book 50 times before even trying to get it published!


it will come when you're ready for it.
You will make a masterpiece no doubt.