Friday, August 3, 2007

Welcome Worn Thin

My mother has been over all day.


She was feeling lonely. Maggie, of course, was overjoyed at the company. I was, as well, until the third hour rolled around. I got in the kitchen and boiled some eggs to make some tuna salad tonight. We had that with crackers and tomato wedges. My mother acted like it was the best meal she had ever eaten. She was also fixated on the big jar of pickled sausages I had sitting on my kitchen counter.

"Are they hot?" she asked.

I wrapped one in a paper towel and gave it to her to try.

"Mmmm, those are delicious," she said. "Let me have another."

I thought she was going to ravenously grab the jar off the counter and run. I was ready to stand guard. I never knew going to Weight Watchers could be dangerous to family members.

It is nice spending time with my mother, but the continual small talk makes me tired and cranky. Mom left, saying she would be over tomorrow as well. Oh well, I have nothing but time on my hands. It is the least a son can do. I am now off to escape in the world of Warcraft for the rest of the evening. I have a few troll heads to bash. Good night.


Summer said...

My mom is 83 and talking with her is so difficult. She wants to talk about what happened years ago, shows me the same pictures over and over and she doesn't remember what I said 20 minutes before. It's so exasperating. And I know my kids will feel the same way about me one day. Old age is so evil.

Pen and the Sword said...

I think I know how that feels. I haven't talked to my mother in over a month though. My parents are getting a divorce after 30 years of marriage.

My mother and I have alway been like oil and water so it is difficult for me to tolerate her... in person or on the phone for too long a period of time. Before I estranged myself from her (a difficult decision to be sure) she would trap me in hour long conversations where she would be doing most of the talking and I would be adlibbing at the appropriate times (uh-uh... yeah... I see... wow... etc)

Even now though, I sometimes miss those awkward conversations... if only to be able to say I still talk to my mom.

Iris Blue said...

My son is a mage in WOW. I'll never understand the thrill of being level 75 and still going on quests.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I had to laugh at this. Your putting up a brave and dutiful front, that is. Can you feign sickness tomorrow? I hope this doesn't become a habit for her, for your sake. I know she must be lonely at home... Can you hide the sausages?

"Wolfgang" said...

Cool! First, you mention model railroading, then Dungeons & Dragons. Now I find out you also play WoW. Very nice. I don't play nearly as often as I'd like to, so my main is only lvl 43 (NE Hunter, of course).

mago said...

A lot of change in your family going on, hm? I thought your mother would bes sleeping sedatedly all day. Visiting you must be a welcome difference for her daily routine.
I hope you feel good after all and it is possible to keep this equilibrium for a while.

justLacey said...

Ha, my older daughter likes WOW. She plaed online for the longest time. Your mom is probably bored and likes to get out. She must feel comfortable at your house or she wouldn't have stayed so long. I'm sure it will wear off soon enough. You're a good son.
Can't wait for Rosa to get back today. I will be gone most of the day visiting my mom, but will check in later and see what happened.


I liked what Cheryl said..

Today's the day that Rosa comes if mom does come over, perhaps you could softly remind her that you're expecting company..but that she's welcome to stay for a while..that will definitely make the time go by quicker!!

Blufeenix said...

I have to laugh at the Weight Watchers comment, and I can since I am doing it also. Sometimes while trying to behave your mind and tummy all at once agree and stage a coupe and you just got to have the most unhealthy stuff. Off to hide my bag of caramel popcorn before I get that way.

nadinebc said...

See, I don't mind having my mom here, but I guess that is to be expected, we rarely can afford to visit. We are in different provinces. My Mother in Law however, not THAT can wear thin real fast.