Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thank You!

I've had a rough day and it has been nice to occasionally hear the sound over these speakers that I got a new comment on the blog as I busily worked around the house. Thank you to those of you that took time out of your day to drop me a line. It means the world to me and you are very appreciated. You made the difference in the life of a guy who struggles some days. Thank you once again!

Things I've done today...

  • Mowed my lawn
  • Trimmed my shrubbery and weeded my flower beds.
  • Cleaned my bathroom and toilet.
  • Washed a load of dishes and cleaned Maggie's water bowl (which was blooming with algae).
  • Washed my sheets and a small load of clothes.
  • Cooked a supper of vegetable soup and corn bread.
  • Debated on going to Alcoholics Anonymous all damn day, but chickened out.

When I struggle, I try to clean and stay busy to keep my mind off my problems. My house is immaculate and I am tired. I am soon to go to bed once my father brings my nightly medications.


CJM-R said...

Looks like you had a very productive day! Good for you.

I always feel better when I clean the house and work outside, too.

Good night and thanks for your comments! I appreciate them so much.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Whew, no wonder you are tired, I wish I could say that I accomplished as much. But it is a good feeling, and work is good therapy when you are feeling down. I am like you about the comments, just knowing that I am connecting with other folks out there who actually care, it's an amazing feeling - and sometimes is the only thing that keeps me going. Life is not easy, but there are magic moments in it - and always they involve people, not possessions. You are loved, your life is blessed! Sleep well, Andrew, dream good dreams. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

AngelicScripts said...

Wow, good job! I wish cleaning helped me get my mind off my problems, it would sure please my mother :) Instead, I paint or write.

I never actually turned on the computer yesturday as I was out all day with my family, but I'm sitting here now catching up on what's happening with you. I just wanted you to know that you're on my prayer list.

Cheryl said...

Our days were so different, but I couldn't go to sleep without checking in on you. Thank you for being my friend.

darla said...

You know, Andrew.... I do my best "thinking" when I do work in the yard. It's very good therapy for me. I hope it was for you, too. Get a good nights rest.

you can visit me at

Nikita1 said...

Hi Andrew...the fact that you cleaned everything, even did some gardening...shows that you are a caring person...and the choices you make ---had made ---show that you care about yourself too! So, keep going and chin-up and we all are here to support you!

Spider Girl said...

You got a lot done.

Me, I TRIED to weed in the garden today but it kept trying to rain on me. :)

Shruti said...

hey there Andrew...
I have been reading your blog regularly for a few days... I think you are a great guy and a really good writer. Keep writing and remember you have another person praying for you in this part of the globe...All the best!
PS - You deserve to feel good about yourself for that list. Go ahead pat yourself on the back :)


So, how exhausted were you the next day? Yard work is a rather tedious task, and that's great that you got so much accomplished.
Having things in order, crisp and clean is so good for your soul!!

E. Lally said...

woow productive day. i barely got a thing done

:) ttyl