Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moments in a Relationship

We lay in the bed. You wanted to make love, but I couldn't perform. "Don't worry," you said. "Maybe tomorrow." I remember the twinkle in your eyes and the inflections in your voice. You were like a teenager -- full of lust and desire. I was pleased that you would want me so. I wanted so much to please you back, but my medications hindered me.

Quiet times are us sitting at my kitchen table eating a meal. We both love to eat. You brag on my meat loaf and mashed potatoes asking for the recipe. "It was my grandmother's," I say emphasizing how important that is. It is as if I am sharing a piece of her. You smile as you write it down. "I will make your Memaw proud," you say. Like some collector, you gather recipes to never cook them. You leave that up to me.

After supper, we lay on the floor in my den as the television drones with a deck of cards. I like card games; they remind me of summers at summer camp with us campers gathered around in a circle on a hard wooden floor playing poker. They make me remember the sound of a broom on wet pavement, the smell of the Appalachian forest, how hard it was to lift myself into the top bunk after a busy day. I used to sign the wooden walls with my signature with a thousand other campers, a mark of, "I was here in the summer of '84." I wonder what you would write if you were with me then.

I remember you most when you haven't been there. On my bike ride tonight through downtown that I knew you'd love. Wind blowing in your hair on the downhill stretch as you would laugh with glee. The stop in the park for a cigarette and a drink. I think of you at home sleeping in my bed curled up with my cherub, Maggie. You let me go even though you will worry and only sleep well when I get home. You understand that this is my favorite time of the day. You give me some space.

You speak of beaches lately. Bathtub warm waters. White sand. Reading books on hotel patios. I promise you I am going to take you soon. As soon as the weather cools and the crowds go home. Sand between your toes and revealing two pieces are in your future. There is a glimmer in your eyes as you talk about seafood platters and crabbing in the bay. You will call and talk about it for minutes on end as if to remind me to never forget. I promised and I will live up to that promise. Memories made together are the most lasting of all. I will take you to the beach soon. Maybe you can sign your name on the wooden boardwalk, "Rosa was here in '07." I will sign, "and her faithful companion," for generations to see.



oh what a wonderful post this was.
Great great read. A breathful read as I sit here sipping my frothy foamy homemade coffee..

I think I was with you guys at the beach, I could just picture it.

Happy Wednesday.
It's still raining up here in chicago..hope it is by you.

cake lady said...

This was the greatest post! So poetic.

These little glimpses are what life is all about.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

came across your blog in the update list, your an amazing writer! keep it up can't wait to read more.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Beautiful post, Andrew - just beautiful. You have an amazing gift for writing, reading this was a pleasure. It left me with a lovely feeling for the day!

Barb said...

Your warm and cherished writing of Rosa, is endearing. The partnership that you two have is causing me to covet the very thing you describe in this post. She is a blessed person and you are double blessed by the same!
Thanks for the read, I love it!


Ellie said...

Very nice, very nice. I quite enjoyed this post. It's a real piece of literature that speaks the truth, as do you. Keep posting.

Stacy said...

Beautiful writing Andrew. Like I've told you before, you are such a talented writer and you have an amazing gift.

greglo said...

HI Andrew!

Well I meant to tell you how much I was impressed by this post... looks like I'm not the only one!!!!! Great, it is a great one indeed!!!!! I love it!!!

I don't comment much these days, but am a regular reader of yours, two three times a day, everyday.

Best thoughts my friend,


Portia said...

wonderful post!

Moonroot said...

Such a lovely post! Rosa is a lucky woman.

Westcliffe baroness said...

I stumbled upon you...will add you to my favorites. You have a gift and I do hope the book goes well.
You write the way I like to read.

Tee said...

Great post. I hope you two get to the beach soon. It will be great for the both of you.