Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Me and my mother sat quietly in my den late this afternoon. You could hear the gulps as mom took swallow after swallow of her diet Dr. Pepper.

"Television?" I asked.

"I am enjoying the quiet," mom said.

Maggie was overjoyed at the company and jumped into my mother's lap to sit.

"What did you do today?" my mother asked deviating from her usual, "What did you eat?"

"I tried to help a homeless woman," I replied.

"That's nice," my mother said, completely oblivious to what I replied.

"And I saw green aliens in my closet," I then said trying to stifle back a hearty laugh.

"That's nice."



"You're not even listening to me!"

"I'm sorry," she said. "I was enjoying the peace and quiet."

I just shrugged my shoulders as I smiled and laughed. Mom soon left to go home and lie in the bed till my father arrives. Strange lives and even stranger days accompany my mother and I through our travels. We've seen just about everything. Love you, mom.


bad-dog said...

It's been a rough day. Just buried my brother-in-law's ashes. So it was doubly nice to read such a fun entry. It made me smile on a day without many.

Stacy said...

LOL @ your post Andrew!
My hubby does that to me all the time when I'm not paying attention...

Andrew said...


Hate to hear you had to do that today. I am glad you took some joy from this post. Hang in there. Time heals.


I ran in here after mom left to write this post I so wanted to share it. I think I captured that moment pretty well. Thank you for the comment as always! :)

Mom's Blog said...

I love this post!!! My adult children and nephews are always creating funny stories about the things I do.. I figure when I am gone these stories will be treasures like the ones my sisters I have about by mom... This ones a keeper!!

Tee said...

Too funny! It cracked me up. Thanks for sharing.

Lifeiseasy said...

you have a very well written blog here I can sit and read your stories all day ... keep up the great work:)

darla said...

Andrew, who hasn't had this same sort of conversation before with someone?! Whether you are the "talker" or the "semi-listener", we've all been on both sides of that coin, haven't we?
It sounds like a sweet moment shared between you and your Mom. Gotta love her!

katie collins said...

haha wow..your mom
i love reading what you write..i've stumbled across your page a couple of times by just clicking through the little "next blog"button..i like the way you write it..nice job.

duh>mike said...

this makes me happy.

Kanishka said...

Hi Andrew, Yes , i loved this piece.

As we travel we discover beautiful things. We love then and sometimes carry with us. And move forward....

Monica Thatcher said...

Hi Andrew
Elderly eh, dont you just luv them..Mum's got early dementia and I hate to say but she's quite funny now. She made me a cup of 'coffee' last night... Well it would have been coffee if it wasn't for the soup bowl,spoon and croutons!

LAB said...

At least the aliens are at your house this week and not mine. My youngest saw them in her closet on Saturday night and ended up sleeping on the floor in my room...ah kids!

Have a great day.

C. R. Morris said...

Enjoying the peace and quiet...and yet, she speaks. LOL Feed the green aliens well and they won't give you much trouble.


Hi Mr. 4th! has your mom ever read these postings? It was sweet and enduring..
being a mom regardless means finding peace and quiet is a hard thing to come by.
Here's wishing a peaceful day to the unconditional love from your mom!