Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fiery Dean

I had a friend named Dean. We haven't spoken in years so I guess I should no longer call him a friend. I am sure if I were to call we could pick things up were we left off. Dean had a fiery temper and a suspicious mind. He always thought his wife, Karen, was cheating on him. No doubt he is probably checking his wife's cell phone for made calls as I write this.

Now we have a Dean in the tropics and just as fiery. He is bearing down on Jamaica and possibly the Cayman's. My only memory of visiting Jamaica was when our cab driver tried to sell my father marijuana. Now I call that branching out in the business world. I remember my father being surprised, but strangely interested. "What does it look like?" he asked the cab driver. The cab driver pulled out a little bag that seemed filled with a dried herb. My mother didn't find it interesting at all. "Johnny, quit carrying on. You're just making things worse," I can remember her saying.

Hurricane season gets me excited. Not for the loss of property, life, or limb, but for the interesting weather it brings. It excites my father as well and we have already talked twice tonight about the weather. It bores Rosa to death. "Please," she pleaded a moment ago. "Not the weather channel again!" We usually watch the British comedies on PBS. Not tonight. Tonight is wall to wall coverage of the hurricane as I and my father place bets on whether the pressure will drop more or not, and if Dean will turn category five. Dean, don't come knocking on our door, but it will be fun to watch you dance across the gulf for a few days. Hopefully, there will only be minor damage and no loss of life. Now, where are those thunderstorms we are supposed to have tonight?


~Vital~ said...

Dean's pressure is 920mb. Dropped from this morning which was 930mb. It's gonna be a nasty one. I'm sorry for the people in it's path and grateful I'm not.

Dale said...

A Dean of fire and a Dean of water all in the same post!

You've got an interesting blog going and you're pretty prolific too, I happened upon it by hitting 'Next Blog'.

Scott said...

Hey man,

For some reason your blog always comes up like 2 or 3 times per every 10 pushes of Blogger's "Next Blog" button. I don't know how you got so popular with Blogger.

Well, I've seen that you have a mental disorder. Is alcoholism a disorder? I think maybe it is. As I write this, I am very pickled, considering my life afet beating cancer. Now facing alcoholism AND debating the use of "medical marijuana."

It would be a shame to survive the big C and then kill my liver with alcohol. I think maybe your blog deals with these issues, so I have now blogrolled you.

Stay strong my brother!


as much as I feared hurricane season when bigdogg and I lived in florida, I became obsessed with it as well..constantly tuning into the weather station to view the cone's path and sit as we waited for the many hurricanes to pour into my former residence out in florida..

Portia said...

my husband has been glued to the weather channel for days now as well. he gets all excited over it. i myself would much prefer an episode of Fawlty Towers:)