Friday, August 17, 2007

Au Revoir for the Night

A few nights ago I suggested to Rosa that we play a game. She loves to ask me questions and I begrudgingly answer. Rosa is like my brother in that she can ask a dizzying array of inquires in a short amount of time. It was my turn to ask her questions in sweet revenge. We did this in the effort to make us a better couple. Not long into my barrage she complained, "I'm tired of all these questions." "Now you know how I feel," was my reply. She agreed to ask me only pertinent questions pertaining to our days from now on. This pact or covenant didn't last for long, though.

The phone rang a moment ago. It was Rosa. "Is your dad coming tonight?" "Is Maggie okay?" "What did you have for supper?" And it went on and on. "You are one damn little inquisitive vixen," I said, my tongue loosened after a few beers. "I just worry about you," was her reply. I realized our lives have become so entangled as to never untwine the cords and ties shared between us. I was feeling cooperative and answered each question with eagerness. What would usually aggravate me brought me joy. It is a novel experience facing a relationship as an adult for a change. Only recently have I begun to grow up. I still falter from time to time, but as past history has shown I eventually arrive on top.

I started to get down tonight for having a slip, but decided much worse could happen. I am safe. At home. And carefully sequestered in my humble abode. I will wake tomorrow morning no doubt feeling like the bottom of the toilet bowl I will be hugging. A small price to pay for one night of debauchery. I raise my can of beer to all you out there reading and here's to tomorrow that I hope will come. I am off to get lost in a land of inebriation and to forget about my troubles and past for one night. Au revoir.


Summer said...

Stay home. Stay safe.


I'm really worried about you..but I know you're strong.
How'd it work out that Rosa is at home tonight? Maybe I should go read the rest of your postings, eh?

Please be careful!
if you need an email to talk to, I'm in an isolation suffocation type mood, email me through my profile..hang in there, if you ever need to email chat, I'm here for you. :)

Damien Riley said...

Inebriation is highly overrated. Try a raw egg in the morning dude. Hang in.

Cheryl said...

This was a surprise post after a day of many posts. Kind of out of the blue. You haven't had a drink in a very long time. Of course I'm concerned, but I know you and you'll be fine.

AngelicScripts said...

Good luck chasing away the morning blues with your head in the toilet, luv, but at least you're safely at home. That's probably why I never drink mornings are bad enough.

I love reading your words though and an all night blog-a-thon sounds rad. I'm off to wite about my cat and other such non-poetic things.

Dai said...

I clicked on the "Next Blog" on my page and you were the one next in line.

I'm caught by your tale and of your friend Rosa. Your words are as poetic as your life it seems.

I wish you luck in your adversaries mate.