Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Worst of Both

I was just on the phone with my father. He loves my way with words and told me he was going to tell everyone in the family what I said just below in our conversation.

"Dammit, Dad. I got the worst of both you and mom," I told him as I chuckled.

We had been discussing how things were going lately and this little gem of self awareness blurted out of my mouth.

"I got your laissez faire attitude about life and I got mom's mental illness and obsessive compulsiveness. I am just screwed."

My father laughed and laughed. As if it was really a laughing matter. Sometimes you have to smile at your foibles, though.

"Your brother says all three of you got some of it," he replied.

"Yeah, but they made doctors," I furthered. "I haven't made anything yet."

"You do damn good to have gone through what you have," Dad said, trying to bolster my spirits. "I am very proud of you."

That made me feel good and I look forward to seeing him tonight when he gets back in town. My cheerleading section has been on vacation and he has been sorely missed.


darla said...

Andrew, I like your Dad. I think he cares a whole lot about you. And I also believe he IS very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep up the good work! BTW... not ALL of your cheerleading squad is on vacation... your devoted readers are here to cheer you on!

Andrew said...


Thank you and thanks for the words of support.

Leann said...


You should be VERY proud of yourself. You've come through so much and actually survived.

We all have our foibles my friend. For some it's just as difficult as your mental illness.

I'm proud to call you friend.


Andrew said...


I've missed you. It's good to call you a friend as well. I hope things are well across the country.

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like my parents!

justLacey said...

Oh that made me teary eyed. I know your dad is proud of all the progress you have made. I think it's wonderful he told you that.


Obviously my career as cheerleader was shortlived..but here's to you anyway. :)
That's great that your dad didn't take your statement're lucky.

Andrew said...


He thought is was hilarious and can't wait to tell everyone what I said. I am sure everyone in his pharmacy will know tomorrow as they know me and my mother have "issues." LOL

Take care, gal!

Cheryl said...

I love the word 'foibles', though I've never used it.

New banner. I like!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a wonderful and very supportive father. ALthough you have to suffer the mental illness your father is there for you and to tell your child no matter how big or small their accomplishments are that they are proud of you is an awesome man. I wish my father was the same. He is only proud of those who give him bragging rights.

You got a great father and his loving support will give you more strength then you know to carry you through life and you will be just fine.

I love your blog. Its so real and emotional, wish i could find more bloggers ouot there like you.

Take Care!

Miss Lopez

Josie Two Shoes said...

Andrew, I love that your father seems to often be more supportive of you in very tangible ways these days. It was great that he could see some humor in your very true statement, and even better that he found words to let you know he is proud of you for the wonderful son you are, and not comparing you to your siblings. Isn't it nice to realize that you are loved?! :-)


We all have issues, dear andrew..some are just more obvious than others.
I can't wait to hear the things my children say about me, when they're "all grown up!"

austere said...

Andrew, that was a great line.
Quite a mouthful to say, though, how do you do it?

I came here all grumpy and now I'm smiling, how do you do that?

but thanks.