Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I stepped upon my scales this morning and weighed 215 pounds. My extra large t-shirts are fitting me like discarded circus tent canopies. The seat of my shorts sag and hang off my butt like Droopy's jowls. It is hard to believe that just a few short months ago I weighed 255 pounds. And I gained all that weight in a mere matter of months on my new medications. Easy come. Not so easy go.

I take some comfort in that I am 6 foot, 3 inches tall. That allows me to spread the extra weight around further than most. But I don't want to be fat. I am vain. I will admit it.

My good blogging friend, Annabel, wants to come and visit me at the end of July and I vowed to get down below 200 pounds before she came. It doesn't look like I am going to make it. I have been avoiding her because of it. I want everything to be just perfect if she does come.

Vain, I tell you. It's a curse.


Annabel said...

Honey- I don't care what you weigh. I understand about vanity but you know if you get too skinny you're going to make me feel bad about myself being the voluptuous woman that I am. I still really want to come see you and if this is you're only setback... believe me... it's definitely no biggie!!

Kallil Oliveira said...


Wat is your name?


I think it's amazing at how much you've already lost.
What have you done, specifically to get the weight down?

I wish I could lose the amount of weight that you have in the period of time that you have. But vanity or not, there's nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance..you care about yourself.
It's a gloomy rainy day here in chicago Illinois. It makes me want to rent some movies, have the children remain in their pj's and just have a wonderful lazy pj rainy day..

"Wolfgang" said...

Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Don't let the stubborn reamining pounds get you down. You have a lot to be proud of just for what you've already done.

justLacey said...

Oh Andrew! Annabel is coming to see you, not how much you weigh. I bet she doesn't put you on the scale once while she's there. I also know that part of this is due to your social anxiety, but I bet it will be just like with your neighbor. You'll enjoy it once she's there and wonder what all the fuss was about.

C. R. Morris said...

Sheesh! I didn't know you are 6'3"! WOW! I'm sure at that height, the weight you are now looks great. Just keep making healthy choices. I'm 5'3"...of course that means I don't need to carry extra weight at all! LOL

Pst...Did you send the email of the detailed instructions for Google Adsense? I've been combing through my spam folder looking for it, scared it ended up in there as so many of my emails have that shouldn't. I just didn't want you thinking I had done nothing with my blog.

Leann said...

I weigh what you do dear and I'm 10 inches shorter than you are. You can imagine how mine is "spread around" LOLOLOL

Leann said...

I weigh what you do dear and I'm 10 inches shorter than you are. You can imagine how mine is "spread around" LOLOLOL

Cheryl said...

Hi Andrew,

I'm trying to picture 215 lbs and 6'3". That seems thin to me.

Lucky Annabel. I can't wait to hear about your meeting.

Tee said...

Does Rosa know about this visit?

Eric said...

It is a curse many of us have. I know I do. When I look in the mirror, I see a guy that is overweight but who wears it well. When I see photos of me, I say, "Who is that?" =)

alcoment said...


I've just recently started reading your blog, you have a new loyal reader. I put on a lot of weight on psychiatric medication, so I know how hard it is to lose it. You've already lost a fair bit, so well done and keep going if that's what you want. But like has already been said, your friend is coming to see you, not your weight.

Take care.