Saturday, July 28, 2007


The dishes are done and all the leftovers are in the fridge. The lingering smell of baking meatloaf wafts into the room from tonight's cooking. I prepared a traditional southern meal of meatloaf with a tomato glaze, creamed potatoes, and English peas. I will sleep well tonight on an overly full stomach.

Dad just came running by to give me my medications. He ate a meatloaf sandwich which he loves.

"Do you always cook like this?" he asked.

"Unfortunately, no," was my reply.

"That tastes as good as mommas always did," he said.

I fixed a plate of food for my father to carry to my mother. This meal was always one of her favorites as well.

My thoughts turned to Rosa tonight and her first evening in an unfamiliar environment. She called me to let me know she and her daughter had arrived safe and sound. Fortunately, Atlanta is just an hour up the interstate and I told her I would come get her if she outstayed her welcome. "I'm already missing you," she said over the phone. She knows just how to tug on my heartstrings. I hung up the phone and escaped to my porch to smoke a cigarillo in her honor. "I miss you, too," was on the tip of my tongue as I sat there enjoying the rich, cherry hinted smoke of that little cigar.


Cheryl said...

I don't know what english peas are. Yum to meatloaf sandwiches.

We're having a thunderstorm right now with RAIN! I'd love to be out on a porch, but not with a cigarillo.

Pen and the Sword said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to someone... even if only temporarily.

Sounds like you are quite the cook. You are modest about it, and yet I have read blogs in the past where you describe these delicacies you are always making... I'm only as good as the instructions on the box myself!!


Tash said...

Haha. I love reading your blog. It's just so interesting....hehe

abbagirl74 said...

It's going to be fine. Now you know how we feel when we don't hear from you. You tug at our hearts as well. You have become such a dear friend to so many and have inspired the lives of us all. Two weeks will be gone before you know it.

Mary said...

Ditto abbagirl74's comments. The two weeks will pass -- Rosa and you will have new stories to tell each other over sweet ice tea and cigarillos.

Your evening menu brought back lots of memories of good country comfort food. I wish I knew how to make a good country meatloaf. Yum!

fiwa said...

Scrum! I LOVE meatloaf sandwiches!
I haven't had meatloaf in a long time. Maybe for Sunday dinner.

Sorry you're missing Rosa & I hope you can keep yourself busy till she gets back so the time will pass faster.

Stacy said...

Your meatloaf sounds delicious! You should think about posting some of your recipes for us. :)

justLacey said...

Meatloaf sandwiches always remind me of my friend Lisa. In high school she lived near the school and sometimes she would take me home with her at lunch. She would slice up some cold meatloaf and fry it on the stove and make me a sandwich with soft white bread and lots of mayo. To this day it always makes me think of her and those times that are so special to me now.

Eric said...

I gain at least 2 pounds every time I read you blog...=)