Monday, July 16, 2007

Long Lost Friend

Jay was my best friend when I worked at the pet store during my second try at college. Jay was a transplanted New Englander and I still can't watch This Old House without thinking of him due to the accents on that show. "Bah-ston," I can still hear him say in my mind's eye.

Jay kind of adopted me. He was the type of friend that would come over and drag you out of the house to go do something. This fit my social anxieties well as I needed someone this aggressive to draw me out of my shell. Jay just wouldn't take "no" for an answer and I was known to protest at times and to try and stay at home.

"Where are we going?" I would ask as we would walk out from my apartment to his truck in the parking lot.

"Hockey and Lynn's Den," he would reply in that Boston accent with a devilish grin upon his face.

Lynn's Den was what Jay called a "titty bar" or what you would know as a strip joint. Can you imagine a guy riddled with social anxieties being thrown amidst exotic dancers crawling all in your lap and begging you for tips as they urged you to buy them mixed drinks? I never could get used to slipping those dollar bills down their skimpy thongs as they danced in front of me.

"Lighten up and have fun!" Jay would say, chugging a Miller Lite, as he would pat me upon the back.

Somehow, I would always go and manage to have a decent time as long as I could avoid the lap dances that Jay would occasionally buy for me. My avarice for sexual things was never very pronounced. I especially enjoyed the hockey games beforehand and the numerous beers and hotdogs we would consume. Me and Jay would drive home in his Silverado, late at night, singing, as Angus Young belted out old AC/DC tunes on the stereo. Those were good times and I miss that Yankee.



You should look him up..or would that be like pulling out reminders of things better of left sleeping?

I love the pictures that you're attaching to your postings..makes it even more exciting (it already is!!) to discover what your recent poetry is all about.

Beth said...

I don't think we appreciate those great friendships until we're several years away from them. I hope you track down Jay.

Adele said...

What got you thinking about this Jay character all of a sudden...? I can tell your a writer, i dont even know you and i want to read more....

Andrew said...


It was mainly a writing excercise about something in my past life I thought I would share.


I haven't seen Jay in years and think he lives in Florida now with his wife. It would be interesting to meet up with him again, though.

PS - lunch was tomato sandwiches with lots of Blue Plate Mayonaise, BTW. :-)

residente said...

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have a nice day

Joshua said...

My friend, I feel poetry is bounding us.


Sounds delicious! Tomato sandwiches are something I had quite frequently on my many summer visits to my grandparent's home on the "creek." or ("crick" as they'd refer to it.) Fishing with grandpa early in the morning. Getting to put makeup on while gramma was around-she didn't mind. And those lunches..always tasted so much better at my grandparents house. Thanks for helping me remember a very soothing relaxing time in my life..all due to your lunch.
Even what you eat is a story! :)

Tee said...

Tomato sandwiches are better than steak!