Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grilled to Perfection

Tonight I am making a frisse (curly leaf lettuce) with sliced scallions, chopped bell pepper, diced celery, and fresh garden grown tomatoes. Yes, it is a crunchy and crisp salad. This will be topped by a homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, grilled chicken, and a sprinkle of chow mein noodles. I have been marinating the chicken all afternoon in a light soy sauce and then shall grill it up to perfection before the storms hit. Yes, I said storms and you can already hear the thunder on the horizon. They are drifting to the east just north of us. I am also grilling some skewers of vegetables. Kind of a poor man's kebab. I can already taste those caramelized and sweet grilled onions now. I had thought of grilling some steaks tonight. Big. Juicy. Bloody. Burnt. Steaks. My wallet protested though when I was shopping.

I got a phone call from my brother and he spoke of my father's grill sessions and juicy ribeyes grilled medium-well upon a hot flame. This got me in this train of grilling thought, the compulsive man that I am. "I could kill for one of dad's steaks and potatoes," he said. My brother has really been lamenting the frou frou food they find in San Diego Restaurants. "There just isn't any down home southern charm here." I asked my brother what he eats for lunch everyday at the hospital. "Half a ham or turkey sandwich with a box of raisins."


"I eat that everyday without fail," my brother replied.

"Oh God. I would just starve to death and would probably eat the furniture."

My brother laughed.

"You would have loved my supper last night," I then said.

I told my brother what I cooked and you could hear his stomach grumble over the phone.

"That's it!" he exclaimed. "I'm moving back to the South. I miss down home cooking. Jennifer feels the need to cook like everyone out here. I've eaten baked fish twice this week. I want some macaroni and cheese, turnip greens with fatback, and cornbread."

I smiled as I told my brother goodbye. That reminded me to run by the store tonight and pick up a block of sharp cheddar and some macaroni noodles. Tomorrow's supper is going to be a ham steak, macaroni and cheese, and turnip greens with a vinegary homemade hot sauce. I can taste it now. Man, I love living and eating in the South.


Pen and the Sword said...

My... you are such a chef. You describe these things you cook and I just want to crawl through the computer monitor and ask for a bite LOL

Sounds like you and your brother are pretty close. I am rather new to your blog and this is the first I have heard of him.

justLacey said...

We are grilling right now (skirt steak) and all hell is getting ready to break loose in the sky. It's thundering and lightening already. My wallet had the same protest with the rib eyes. Can you believe over 13 dollars a pound? Used to be food was the one thing I enjoyd that was affiordable, now not even that is true. Your dinner sounds so good, wish I could have some of that buttermilk ranch too.

Chantilly said...

A very talented writer.

I could almost smell and taste your cooking.


I hope that the meal tasted wonderfully.

Imigrante said...

Rock 'n' roll will never die!

Jenn said...

Mmmm, I can almost taste the wonderful food. I hope you enjoyed it!

abbagirl74 said...

Living in Kansas isn't too bad. I get my baked fish and macaroni and cheese if I need it. I love to cook as well. It would be so much fun to cook for all of our friends, wouldn't it?

Annabel said...

You're an amazing cook Andrew. I still hope to get over there at some point. I would love for you to make me your homemade spaghetti sauce. That would be heaven I think. Maybe during Christmas break?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a garden; you've never spoken of it before. What else do you grow?

Grad007 said...

Just curious; Is there any Southern dish that's vegetarian?

C. R. Morris said...

I am so glad I grew up with good Alabama cooking! My granddaddy had a garden and all of the vegetables came out of there. We lived in Hueytown and my grandparents in Midfield. I've always wanted to go back but now, there isn't anyone left to go back to..just the state I 'spose. Your salad sounds so good and the caramelized veggies.. yum. Yeah, there is nothing that compares to Southern cooking..not for me anyway. I even eat turnip greens and fried eggplant. ;-)