Sunday, July 15, 2007


I have heard the old saying that dogs take on the personality of their owners. That certainly isn't true for Maggie and me. She is such a gregarious little soul. I am terribly shy.

This morning, I was sitting on the porch, early, smoking my first cigarillo, vanilla hinted. Joyce came bounding out of her house with a perky gait full of conversation. Maggie's tail immediately began to wag and she whined, longing to run over and greet her. My first inclination is to mutter, "Oh shit, I am going to have to make small talk," as I am overcome with a feeling of dread. I always end up really enjoying our talks despite my social anxiety. Joyce and I are two peas in a pod I am starting to learn.

"Do your medications make you sleepy?" Joyce asked me once again this morning. I guess she had forgotten she had asked me this before.

"Terribly," I replied. "Charlie brought them over last night and I was soon in the bed after taking them. I then usually get up at five."

"Me and you are a lot alike," Joyce said. "My Tegretol makes me terribly sleepy and I then get up at five as well for breakfast."

Maggie sat this whole time so happy, wanting to go over and greet Joyce. Joyce then did her customary baby-talk encouraging Maggie to get overly excited.

"How's my girl?" She said in her high pitched voice.

Maggie was in ecstasy.

"Well, I have to go open up the church and turn on the air conditioning," Joyce said, climbing into her car. "Do you need anything while I am out?"

"No," I replied. "Thank you so much for asking, though."

I watched as Joyce drove off to do God's work and Maggie didn't quit wagging her tail and whimpering until her car disappeared around the corner. I will say again that she is such a gregarious little soul. I wish I shared the alacrity with which she greets people. I want to take on the personality of my dog and not vice versa as the old saying goes. It's a dog's life they say.


Eric Valentine said...

A great start to the day. Seems the only thing missing is a good cup of coffee! :)

Have a good one Andrew.

Barb said...

Have a great day, Andrew~! I love your writings these last few days, commenting would be repeating everything everyone else said, but I thought it!

What is a cigarello?


Andrew said...


So true! I did have a few cups this morning as well. I should have written about it as it is so integral to my routine.


Thank you. A cigarillo is a miniature cigar that is often flavored and scented. Clint Eastwood smoked cigarillos in all those spaghetti westerns from the sixties if you have seen them. Take care.


Cheryl said...


I wanted to say I like the new look of your blog. It is much neater with the 2 columns. I like how you've integrated some pictures. I do miss the farm with the rolling hills in you banner. I loved that.

Hope this is a good day for you. Not sure what I'll be doing today.

Mala Lopez said...

I was just surfing and ran across your blog.Have only got to scan over it a bit but you have a very interesting and well put together blog to say the least. And im glad you are sober and on the road to a healthy life! =)

I have bookmarked your blog and I think i will defiantely enjoy reading this.

Take Care

Andrew said...


Good morning! I hope you have a great day as well. I like this template much better, too. The other one was just too busy. I can easily put that farm banner back up and think I will. I know you don't know what you will do today, but I sure will enjoy reading about it.


Thank you and I appreciate you bookmarking the blog and commenting. I hope you came back and enjoy reading my entries. New readers make the blogging experience sweeter.


Nhada said...

What a lovely blog. Thank you very much for your stories.

"Read" you soon.


I love that word, Gregarious!
Seems to me that the higher faiths have given you another guardian angel in the form of Joyce..I'm so happy for you.
P.s. Any news on Celtic Beauty?

Hope you're having a good day!
I want to be at Ladeda's place watching all the birds and squirrels.
Have a great sunday!

Andrew said...


I haven't seen her in weeks at any of the meetings. I need to ask around about her. So many people come and go in A.A., though, it is hard to keep track of them all.

I want to be at Cheryl's as well. Have a great Sunday!


Josie Two Shoes said...

What a delightful post, Andrew! I love your perspective on things, you have a keen eye for observation, and a wonderful gift of putting your reflections into words. I can visualize Maggie's eagerness, and I can relate to your desire to be more like her. If this is her photo, she's adorable! :-)

Andrew said...


Yes. That is a photo of Maggie. I took that in the backyard of my old house before the move. Thank you so much for the kind words. They are encouraging.


David said...

This is basically the first blog I have read and wow...I really like the way you write. It seems like everything flows so well.

Andrew said...


Thank you and welcome to the blogging world. You will find some cool people to read in my links.


Its Tishy said...

I LOVE hearing about Maggie...I have a HUGE soft spot for dogs, I have 2 Doxies that i can't imagine being with out. I truly believe that the love of a dog and his companion is unconditional love at it's finest!
Have a GREAT day!


darla said...

Hi Andrew! I'm so happy to see the photo of Maggie. It's great to finally put a face with her name. I love dogs, too. I have a mini poodle that is by my side at all times! Pepe is my best friend. Have a great day!

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

What a cute pooch! Enjoy your posts, you are an excellent writer. I bet your doctor siblings don't write as well you! :-)

gledwood said...

hi there. your life story sounds like mine. only mine hasn't got the "happy" or "resolved" ending ...
what was i gonna say..?
o yeah, I pressed next blog. up yours poppped (can you see ocd there? 3 ps?)
your dog looks like a "disney dog" well that's what i'd call it. american dogs always seem to look cuter than british dogs. one of your tv presenters (letterman, i think) was laughing his head off once: it was the 1st time in his life he'd ever seen a 3 legged dog. not that you see 'em every day but ... i don't know people let them live here, whereas maybe in america they think it's kinder to put them down.
now ive gone totally off subject
i will take down your url as this blog is interesting
i'm at
come by some time
all the best

Gledwood said...

hey what am i saying. i took 1 look at your url and knew it already. you've been in those links for ages. i put "schizophrenia" next to your name. was this wrong? i deleted it now

Annabel said...

Has Maggie learned to use the dog door yet?

Nameless Faceless Love said...


Dropped by today for the first time and really enjoyed your blog. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your journey.