Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't Say Goodbye

The appliance guy showed up a day late.

"This here is what's wrong with your dryer," he said holding up a small black roller that looked like a hockey puck.

"I hope that works," I said. "And let me know if you need anything."

I closed the door to the laundry room and was immediately greeted by sounds of electric screwdrivers, drills, and the clanging of metal upon metal as panels were removed.

My laundry is also a day late and I am wearing shirts and shorts I haven't worn in years and it is uncomfortable. Rachel, the kind soul that she is, didn't see fit in keeping my clothes in the divorce. Thank God.

Breakfast was a meeting under the golden arches of McDangerous for sausage biscuits and coffee. "Two billion served!" the sign proclaimed. Rosa had insisted on this avenue of culinary brilliance and I complied.

"I'm going to Atlanta for two weeks and I am scared," she told me over breakfast as we sat in the uncomfortably cold restaurant. "I'm scared of seeing old using friends and running into my old pimp."

Rosa is going to spend time with her daughter, granddaughter, and their live-in boyfriend. Rosa's daughter is having a hard time finding childcare while she has to work extra hours.

"Stay away from your old haunts," I said emphatically. "I want you to come home being the same Rosa that left."

"Do you think I am crazy for going?"

"I think it is going to be interesting. I also think it will be good for you and your daughter."

"I just want her to know I am there now. So many years I was absent."

"I know," I replied, trying to imagine how hard this must be and how incredibly good it is at the same time.

"I'm going to miss you," Rosa said in an intimate moment uncharacteristic of her.

"I'm going to miss you too. I wish we didn't have to say goodbye for so long," I blurted out like a child being left at summer camp for the first time. "I am going to be bored to death without you."

Rosa has been talking of this for a few weeks, but I was unsure if it was going to happen. She leaves Saturday and will not be home for two long weeks. I am going to miss her dearly.


fiwa said...

Oh, I feel for you. That's a long time to be without your friend. I hope Rosa has a good time with her daughter and grand daughter though.

Chin up -

justLacey said...

Wow, that will be lonely for you, but think of how fun when she gets back. Plus you have all of us...

Tammy said...

I look forward to your writings everyday. You are a great writer. I hope all goes well with Rosa in Atlanta. You have such freindly neighbors that I am sure they will keep you company while she is gone.

Frank said...

I enjoy your writing and am glad I stubled onto this...

sirjorge said...

being lonely sucks...great post.


ouch. that's tough when the friend leaves for awhile. It's almost as if a piece of you goes missing as well.
Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder..
Please wish Rosa a safe and well trip!!

Portia said...

oh man, i can see how this will be hard on both of you. hopefully it will go well and she will be back home before you know it! you are such a good friend, to support her through it all.

kroy said...

I am new to dis *blogging* stuff. Was utterly bored to death whn i startd searching 4 blogs n came across urs.....
Guess u get 2 hear dis all da tym.
Anyway all i wanna say is ur blog is awesome
Keep up the gud work.

Keep Smiling Always

Summer said...

I think I'm going to miss her too.

I feel as though Rosa has far too much invested in her life now to go back to the life she hated. Part of that investment is you. The dividend being your wonderful friendship.

Colette Amelia said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. You inspire me. I am envious of your talent and your wisdom of life.

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