Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deliveries of the Awesome Kind

Charlie and his co-worker, Kevin, dropped by yesterday to deliver my new computer desk and chair. I was pleased as punch to see him pull up into my driveway around lunch. It took me two freakin' hours to put that desk together though. The instructions were written by an illiterate three year old. I was so glad to get my computer off the kitchen table and onto its proper place in my front bedroom in front of a window with a view. It is quite picturesque sitting here as I type looking out this expansive window as the joggers run by in the early morning fog.

I and dad have a new project. We challenged each other to read a book a week and then spend time discussing the book. I have all the free time in the world so this will be easy for me. Dad, on the other hand, works ten hour days so it will be interesting to see how long he lasts. He seems determined though and is the type of person to finish something he starts unlike me. This week's book is Dead Wrong by J. A. Jance. It is on the New York Times best seller list. I am going to go sit out on my porch, open a Vault energy drink, light a cigarillo, and start chapter one shortly.

Tuesday nights is always my grocery shopping night. Kroger had cans of Star Kist tuna on sale for a dollar a can so I bought ten. Maggie will have a treat every morning this week and already engulfed a can for breakfast. I try to find little treats that are healthy for her and make her life more enjoyable. She also got a bag of rawhide bones and one ended up in the bed with me this morning. I rolled over to a pain in my back only to reach back and pull out a slimy, wet, and half-chewed dog bone. Oh, the joys of dog ownership. They are a lot like having children except they don't talk back


shy_smiley said...

Sounds like your new crib is super sweet. A room with a view, a new computer desk... life don't get much better (I bet your desk instructions were written by someone whose first language is Japanese). I like J.A. Jance, mostly because she's a local author here in Tucson and she often writes about places I've been to. It's always thrilling to see on the printed page something familiar to you in real life.

I'm off to join those morning joggers, though it ain't foggy here in Tucson (we did have a killer thunderstorm last night that you would have enjoyed).

Andrew said...


We had a pretty vicious line of storms roll through just as I was lugging my groceries to the car last night. I bet your storms out West are more spectacular though with your heat. Enjoy your jog and have a great day.


Eric Valentine said...

It's good to see you unwinding and getting settled in a bit.

I just knew you would have to do the desk.:)

A window with a view, that's my kind of set up, have a great day Andrew.

Andrew said...

You too, Eric. I always appreciate your comments and hope you have a grand day as well. Take care!

justLacey said...

When my dogged passed away last year, I was so beside myself. My sister described him as "like losing a child that was always good". I think that was why it was so hard. Your rawhide could have been worse. My dog Panda (short for Pandemonium) LOVES pizzles. The are smoked bull penis, gross I know and they stink so bad when they chew on them. I give them too him because they break down better than the rawhides which can cause intestinal problems. I sometimes use the pig ears too, not as stinky and gone much faster.
Can't wait until you get a camera and we can see your new house with your stuff in it.

Andrew said...


I am so sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. I didn't know that about rawhide. I might re-think giving Maggie those bones. Maggies loves pig ears as well. I should have got her some.

Hopefully, I will have another camera soon. I have been concentrating my extra money and making this house more livable and nicer. I am about settled in though. Take care and have a good one!


Portia said...

you had me laughing out loud with that first paragraph, and that hardly ever happens here at work:)

your house sounds perfect. enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Tee said...

A room with a view, AND a porch, how wonderful! Glad you are enjoying your new home. As for feeding Maggie all that tuna. A word of caution. My beloved pet ended up with early kidney disease because I fed him people tuna. The extra mercury caused all the problems. You might want to consider feeding Maggie a high grade of dog food rather than people food, especially tuna.

CRUSTYBEEF said...'re so right about Maggie and the relation in regards to children..they are so much alike.
course, you can put a doggie in their crate and leave for a few hours. If I did that, I'd be arrested.
:) have a great day!

C. R. Morris said...

Well congrats on that computer desk. I just wanted to comment that this is the second blog TODAY that has suggested a book that sounded like something I really want to read. I'm keeping a list for my next visit to the book store. Of course, my next read will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows! Can't wait!

Eric said...

I really like the idea of you and your dad doing the reading challenge. I love reading so much that you will not find a room in my home that does not have a couple of books in it.

I don't have a window in the area where my desk sits, so I made my own. I took an old window, and a piece of presswood, painted a pastural scene on the presswood, mounted it in the window and hung it on my wall. Now, I can look out over a tranquil meadow and rolling hill scene no matter how much turmoil I find in my life. Not quite as good as a room with a view, but still very nice.