Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tonight I'm making mushroom chicken with a broccoli and wild rice pilaf and homemade angel biscuits. It was a childhood favorite and a decadently fattening and savory meal. Dessert is going to be pear salad with a pear-half topped with a dollop of homemade mayonnaise, a sprinkle of sharp cheddar, and a candied cherry half upon a bed of crisp, green lettuce. The chicken will cook for hours until fork tender, taking on the essences of cream of mushroom soup, rich real butter, and tangy sour cream. I just feel like treating myself tonight even though I will be eating alone. Of course, there is Maggie and she will get a small plate after the food has cooled. I got a phone call from my brother the other night that inspired this menu. "Remember that mushroom chicken mom always made when we were kids? It was delicious. I am tired of California, tofu, and froufrou food." I grinned and immediately called my mother for the recipe. It took her an hour of searching to find it in one of her recipe notebooks and then she called me back. She hasn't cooked in over a decade. Not once. So her recipe books have been squirreled away in a closet collecting dust.

Another food fact about my life, was that I bought a HUGE jar of dill pickles and it is sitting on my kitchen counter full of gigantic pickled cucumbers – the type of pickle jar that would be sitting on the counters of little country stores near my grandmother's house in God's country, yesteryear. It was on sale for $2.99. I love anything vinegary and salty and will waltz into the kitchen to fish out a pickle and enjoy it wrapped in a paper towel. Luckily, pickles have few calories or I would balloon up eating so many.


Vinc said...

Hello, I am of passage on your site and I benefit from it to greet you! Good continuation! Vinc

Mary said...

Just when I decided to have BLT sandwiches for hubby and myself I read your menu for the evening. I'm embarassed that I'm so lazy. Enjoy, enjoy. . .

Andrew said...


You made me crave a BLT now. I've got some beautiful tomatoes sitting in my kitchen window sill just begging to be used in a BLT or tomato sandwich. I don't cook like this often. I just wanted to celebrate tonight for some reason.

justLacey said...

i love pickles too! my grandmother used to make sweet ones. she likes to can when she was taking care of her mom in alabama. used to send back tons with my dad.


Umm, blts, and'd think I was pregnant.
Here's a salad go for: cucumber, tomato and onion with pepper and vinegar and a dash of salt.

And..Pineapple salad: iceberg lettuce, pineapples mixed with sour cream and...crap!! I forgot..pardon me while I go call my's a delicious salad!!

had it all the time growing up.

Yum again, PICKLEs..I love the bread and butter pickles.
Remember me never to read your postings when I haven't eaten yet. :)

Andrew said...


Those salads sound delicious! I have a good friend who has an eating disorder and reads my blog. I always worry I am going to trigger her issues with these type of posts. I care about her deeply. I think food is something we can always relate to though and enjoy writing about it.


Eric said...

Man, it is not fair. I read your blog an inveribly get hungry. =)

I have to part ways with you on the pickles, though. For me, that is a terrible thing to do to a cucumber.