Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Bridge of Worlds

I love when it's cool in the morning. I fell asleep with nothing but a sheet and the white noise drone of my box-fan by the bed. I awoke beneath a mound of freshly washed comforter, the strong smell of Gain fabric softener invading my nostrils. I had such a realistic dream about The Homeless Guy. Me and a childhood friend were sitting in a rescue mission, eating a sparse lunch, destitute and penniless. He came walking in with new clothes, computer laptops, digital cameras, and donations of cash from his blog. We were jealous. "Homeless people don't live like that," I told Jason, my friend, over rancid rice filled with mealy bugs. "Why work when gullible people will send you things for free?" was the Homeless Guy's reply, overhearing us. I remember feeling angry at his words and woke up feeling that way. The dream would end with The Homeless Guy in my father's pharmacy begging for medications for his high blood pressure. My father, the kind man that he is, didn't tell him to just lose weight, and would go on to help the wily guy solve yet another of a never-ending string of problems that is his life. I finally stirred awake with the epiphany that we love to hate in other people what we hate in ourselves. At least, I do. And I have certainly had my fair share of life crippling problems like that fellow. My dream was filled with jealousy and raw, negative emotion because of it. Some say that dreams are the bridge between waking life and the afterlife. I am glad I don't believe in that claptrap as some of the nightmares I've experienced are best forgotten and not relived throughout all eternity. I certainly don't want to spend my afterlife feeling angry and jealous.



Oh WOW! that's an intense dream!!
I hope it's not one of those that you'll carry with you throughout the day, thinking about it and thus getting annoyed, wierded out, or pissed because of it. That tends to happen to me quite a bit-those scary pissy annoying husband cheats on my dreams, and I wake up pissed at him, and the world-for the entire day-
Have A great day.
Sorry for My rambling thoughts..I haven't had my am smoke yet and my coffee mug is only "half sipped."
Thanks for letting me vent. :)

Pen and the Sword said...

Dreams are strange and mysterious indeed. I've always believed that dreams help you work through your subconscious baggage. Lord knows I have had a few doosies in my time that are best left forgotten.

Bit of trivial for you... did you know that James Cameron had a freaky nightmare sick with high fever and came up with the movie Terminator? Pretty wild.

echokrns said...

I think that it would be super if you would lable your pics so we would know exactly who and what they are when they pertain to actual places or people in your life. Thanx, once again, for the posts!


P.S. I Wonder why it was a childhood friend that accompanied you in your dream versus a former college mate-the time that your life began presenting itself with some new hurdles..? Something with childhood is bringing you some sort of peace it seems-to offset the times or past of homelessness?
hmmm...dreams are sure funny.

VA Friend said...

I heard somewhere that when we dream things like that we actually are trying to equilize our life. Like you had a dream that you were homeless and jealous of someone like yourself who has been homeless before and now has all these great gaggets. But really you feel lucky to be able to have what you have. Unfortunately your dream makes you feel bad about it. So your dream is the opposite of what you really feel. I have dreams like that all the time. Push it out of the way and move on with feeling lucky!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

"we love to hate in other people what we hate in ourselves"... so true Andrew, I catch myself doing this too! I wouldn't worry much about having to struggle with such things in the afterlife. I think we will have a much greater sense of clarity. I'm inclined to believe that our dreams are most often a scrambled collection of memories and things we are trying to work out. You are nothing like the Homeless Guy in your dreams!!!

Cheryl said...

I'd say you don't like the homeless guy, huh? How's that for an understatement? He's annoyed you for a very long time, and now he'd doing it in your dreams!

Eric said...

To me, dreams are simply the brains TV, with a truly bad producer who lumps different random images together in a bid to win a nocturnal Emmy. We are the unwitting captive audience. Sometimes the producer gets a good combo and we, the viewer, enjoy an night of pleasure. More often than not, the editor used to work for Fox, so we get nightmares. IN the end, we wake up and usually can put the show out of our conscious mind.

It is so true that we often see the things we hate in ourselves in others. Now if we could just see it in ourselves and fix it.