Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Appearances can be Deceiving

"You don't look disabled," she said, dismissively. "Nor do I as a matter of fact."

"Ah, but I am medicated!" I quipped as I laughed. "Catch me off my medications for a month and you would find me a far different man."

"Seriously though," my neighbor said as we sat on my porch. "Have you thought about going back to work?"

I had just been complaining about all the seemingly free time I have now that I have moved. I used to would just walk down to the shopping center or the railroad yard and hang out. Gas is so expensive right now that I hate to drive and rarely do. Joyce thought a job would help me fill my time and help me to feel more productive.

"I can't afford to lose my prescription coverage," I replied. "My medications cost $1500 dollars a month."

"That is exactly why I can't work full time as well now," Joyce told me. "I feel better. I almost feel like I can work. I just can't afford it."

We both sat mired in our Catch-22 as we drank ice cold tea and enjoyed each other's company. It has been so nice having a caring and talkative neighbor who faces and endures the same issues and problems as I. We have become inseparable friends in a matter of days.



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Trying2BMe said...

I envy you and your friendships. I'd love to sit and chat over a glass of tea.

Have a wonderful day!

La Bee-yotch said...

what about a bicycle? you could get a good bicycle and ride around town if you don't want to spend the money on gas. it's great exercise, so you'd kill another bird in terms of your goal of losing a bit of weight. it's great to read about your new place, although i know you miss being right next to rosa and within walking distance of the mall and the gang. enjoy!

Ruth said...

I, too, would love to sit and chat.

Now that you have free time why not turn your attention to writing? Writing is your natural talent.

Monkling said...

I was going to suggest a bike, as well. I guess I'm not fast enough.

Sounds like you've found another good friend. That is always a good thing.

Gaviota_mx said...

How about some voluntary work?

Reading you everyday, good luck.

Katie W said...

Why not become a volunteer. That way you can fill your time, be productive and genuinely help people, and still afford your perscriptions.

savannah said...

congrats on your new home! sounds as if you're finding your well, sugar :)

I think you're crazy just like me said...

a new friend is always a peaceful feeling, esp. ones who understand. Have great day!

mosiacmind said...

I am glad you have a new porch buddy. I am also glad that I am able to post a comment tonight I tried to comment on two people who leave comments on my blog and I was unable to do so and tonight cannot even get on my own of those days I wish you were close so you could tell me and show me on the computer what it is doing wrong or what I am doing wrong. I had to smile when I read about you giving Maggie tuna..Gracke LOVES tuna!


I too would enjoy afternoon sweet tea with a kind soul as yourself..with the rest of us listed above. Sweet Tea With Mr. 4th ave!hmmmmmmm, title?

shy_smiley said...

Looks like you and Joyce have a firm foundation for that support group you've tried starting. Who says you need more members?! Good for you!

Eric said...

It would appear that even when we face difficulties that we can find help and encouragement where we least expect it.

I a telling you the more you talk about that porch the more I think I need to change my vacation destination. =)