Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Adventure Begins

It's Saturday – my favorite day. As is customary for me, I get up before dawn and start my coffee. I then stand on my back deck smoking a cigarillo, coffee mug in hand, as I try to wake up. This new house is so eerily quiet at night and I sleep much better. It is tempting to sleep until late in the morning, but I would miss my favorite time of the day, dawn. I also have to let Maggie out as she is refusing to use this complex contraption they installed called a dog door. It has double doors which scares her.

Rosa called this morning after breakfast.

"Tonight's the big night," she said.

"I have to wait until dad brings my medications then I am driving down to near the campsite," I replied.

"You know I am going to worry about you."

"I will be just as safe down there as I am here," I said, trying to reassure her.

"I wish you would just come and camp in my backyard," Rosa replied. "That way I could crawl into the sleeping bag with you."

This was a woman who used to get high on crack and sleep on benches in public parks in Atlanta after turning tricks all night. Lately, I am flummoxed by her concern over my camping down at the mill. Rosa really has mellowed and turned scary these days.

"Are you going to take your gun?" Rosa then asked.

"Dad took it away from me," I replied. "He got all nervous after the Virginia Tech shooting. Said mentally ill people and guns are dangerous. I gave it up just to keep the peace."

Rosa didn't reply so I took it as she agreed with my father about the gun. She then told me to come by at lunch for sandwiches changing the subject. I told her I would be by at noon and then hung up the phone.

Well, I am very excited about tonight. It will be night one of my urban camping experiment. I have a grand camp stove meal planned that I am going to prepare this afternoon. I will write again in the early morning of my overnight experiences.


justLacey said...

Don't forget the s'mores.

simonsays said...

Be careful Andrew, and have fun. !

Eric said...

A grand camp stove meal sounds quite nice. I hope this time is as enjoyable as you envision. Look forward to hearing the details.

Di said...

have fun! really enjoying reading your blog!

KYRIE said...

I can't wait hear about how the camping trip was.
Hope you have a grand adventure!
Will Maggie be going with you or will the brave young pup guard ur fort (..I mean ur home)?

Andrew said...


Maggie is staying home. I worry she will run off and then never find her way home. I hope you are well.

Blue Gardenia said...

I hope you can hear the trains roar by at night.

Andrew said...


I will be yards from the tracks so the music of steel wheels upon steel rails will serenade me. Now, if dad will just come on with those damn medications so we can get his customary 30 minute wait overwith, I will get the show on the road. The campsite is just a few miles from my new home. Down the street actually.


Terroni said...

Happy camping, Andrew!

I was up at 4:30 this morning, and I thought of you, mostly because you're one of the few people I know (in this time zone) who is up at that hour. :>

shy_smiley said...

Can't wait to hear about it in the morning. Sleep well!

Sinclair said...

Hey guy! Camping sounds exciting. Especially since I'm a big fan of abandoned places. You should check out



Margaret said...

My first time here, I absolutely love your style of writing. Hoping your camping trip works out well.

Don't worry also, your doggie will get used to the door. Just give it some time.

We have two basset hounds. The female flew in and out of the door without any problems the moment we moved in here. But BoBo the male, he had some issues.

Seems being such a short dog, if only the door was installed an inch lower he'd be fine. But instead, he kept clipping his bird down there and I think it hurt.

Now, years later he uses the door but it's funny to see how he carefully steps out with his hind legs. He's a trip.

Take care.

Cheryl said...

Woohoo! Do you have your radio? I'll look forward to your tales, tomorrow. I hope you slept well.

abbagirl74 said...

I can't wait for tomorrow. I am anxiously anticipating what tales you may have. The first night is always the test night. I hope the local authorities won't be a nuisance. Good luck and we will be anxiously waiting for the morning post.

jAMiE said...

I hope you enjoy yourself Andrew, stay safe.