Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unbridled Joy

I awoke early this morning to the sound of thunder outside. I sat up quickly in my bed and smiled. I then pulled on my shorts and shoes and ran into my darkened den to awaken my sleeping computer and check the local radar. RAIN! Glorious, sweet rain was on the way as swatches of bright red and lush green marched southward across our county upon the radar. It wasn't long until my phone rang. It was my father.

"Isn't this just wonderful?" He said, sleepily.

"That sound of rain is nature's symphony."

"I thought you would be up, like me, watching the weather."

A bright flash of lightning lit up my windows followed by a deafening boom of thunder.

"Let's get off this phone before we both get electrocuted," Dad said and we hung up.

It is now 7am and still raining steadily. I am soon to go crawl back into the bed and sleep until my dentist's appointment.

The support group meeting went well yesterday. The same two ladies showed up and we discussed local options for vocational rehabilitation. I spoke of the tenacity with which you must have when dealing with this program. I have found that driving down there personally is a much better solution than to try and haggle with them on the phone. Ah, the foibles of government funded programs.

Well, sleep awaits. One more thing before I go. I ordered this yesterday and can't wait for it to get here. The first part of my new computer will be arriving in two or three days. By Christmas, I will have a lean, mean, new blogging machine!

SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22" 2 ms (GTG) DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1(DC 3000:1) - Retail

Windows Vista Certified


ANITA said...

I love the rain myself. I love to watch it fall and watch the lightening. The best is the very first rain of the reason after a long winter. It smells delightful :o)

Ipshi said...

hey there... i really hope u read ur comments cos i wanna b friends... i discovered ur blog through my travels thro the blog-land and have been goin thru the archives all day!
ur a great writer and i was really amazed by the incredible courage u have to go thro what u hav...plz do get in touch

Sword Inc said...

I would be dancing in the rain, If some sleek LCD like that was enroute to my address.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Can you please send the rain this way? Going by the radar, from where you live to where I live, it's going to bypass us. If we don't get a rain here soon, my hay field is no more. We got one cutting off of it and after that it's not growing. Hope things go well at the dentist. I'm off to get ready for my son is having surgery today on his shoulder. Have a good one.

Annabel said...

We were supposed to get rain last night but I don't think it came. Of course I wore earplugs to bed (it helps me sleep better) so I might have missed it. I guess I should get out of bed, huh?

That monitor is very cool.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I really love the rain too. It is so soothing. But I gotta say your new LCD monitor is WICKED! I am envious.

Glenda J said...

Congrats on the rain and the new monitor. My DH got a new monitor 22" and I have severe monitor envy--ha! Keep up the great blog!!!!

Moonlink said...

WHOA !!! That's a serious screen !!

Cheryl said...

We had a wicked thunderstorm today while I was at work. I ran out to close my car windows before it started and wished I could hang around and watch the approach. I love it right before a storm but, alas, I had a color client in my chair that wouldn't be too happy if I let her overprocess.

I'm green right now. That's the color of envy, right?

Wannabe-a-Writer said...

I think I'm awed by your new LCD Monitor,too.

I'm pecking away, on a small 17" inch screen. When I can really write better. I will get a larger one.

You have a great blog, you deserve it.

mukuge said...

ooooh, wicked monitor, I'd love to have one of those ^.^♥ how much damage would they deal to the bank account btw?