Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Body Art

Rosa was extra clingy today as we whiled away the hours down at Fat Albert's convenience store. I said to hell with my diet and ate two huge polish hotdogs.

"You are going to die from cholesterol eating two of those," Rosa told me with a jab in the ribs.

I grinned as I stuffed my face. My hunger was insatiable today.

Fat Albert's is an interesting place. During my youth it was a big arcade and I, my brother, and friends would walk down and waste countless quarters on video games such as Q-Bert, Pacman, and Donkey Kong. That same arcade is now a big room devoted solely to the Georgia state lottery trade. It tends to be an African American hangout. I have found that the lottery attracts poor people as that is most of the clientele. Some pitiful looking folks walk through those doors to buy lottery tickets.

"I think I am going to get another tattoo," Rosa then said as we were sitting outside on a bench in the hot sun.

"Were?" I asked.

Rosa pulled down her shirt exposing the top of her right breast as she pointed.

"I want a purple rose right there," she said.

"I don't get the whole tattoo thing," I replied. "What are you going to do when you are eighty and those knockers are hanging down to your knees? That rose will look like a stretched purple blob."

Undaunted, Rosa scolded me for being so cynical.

"It's an art form," she said. "Body art."

I rolled my eyes as I lit up another cigarillo and crossed my legs. I was left with thoughts of Rosa at eighty, covered in tattoos and being a dirty old lady. It gave me a big smile.


Aaron & Alaine said...

Interesting Blog. Glad I stopped by. I hate when people read, and read some more, and don't bother to say hi. So, "hi." Best Wishes to you.

Terroni said...

Yeah, I don't get that whole tattoo thing either. My sister has some Chinese symbols on her back. She said that they say "laughter" and "love." I told her she doesn't know the first thing about Chinese. They may say, "white girl" and "sucker."

Annabel said...

I don't understand people that get tattoos all over their body.. the big ugly ones and such. But I do like my tattoo and I'm thinking of getting another one. For me it's just a personal thing.

Pen and the Sword said...

Ah... Q-Bert. Loved that game! :o)

I got a tattoo of a dolphin on my upper right arm. Why? Because Dad said not to


kathleen said...

What's her other tattoo? Is it a flower, too? I think tattoos are interesting, but only on other people. I'm not personally interested in getting one on myself. I do think that body art is an interesting subject, though. I like henna tattoos, they last a while, but aren't permanent. And they don't hurt. They are more my style of body art.

Eric said...

I used to say I would never get a tattoo. Lately, I have thought about actually getting one. The change may be due entirely to watching too 'Miami Ink' on I would not want one where I could not see it readily, that I never understood.

I don't like pain, so I probably won't go through with it, but it is a thought.

Summer said...

I loved Centipede. Now I'm not coordinated enough to work the controls to XBox. But, my son is a real pro!

I've seen 80 y.o. tattoos. They ain't pretty!

justLacey said...

Ha! I have a tattoo on my ankle, very small. I got it in Hawaii when we went there to get married. I think the same as you. What are the nurses going to think when I am 80 and that old wrinkled up tattoo is there. It's what keeps me from getting more and sometimes makes me wish I didn't have the one I got.

dARSHANA said...

Hey i absoultely agree... Its such a painful process. Might as well get a rose painted on your body. At least you can change it to a Lily/carnation/sunflower or whatever every alternate day!

Red Robin. said...

I've got two tattoos and I want to get one more and yes when I'm old and wrinkly looking like a basset hounds mouth they will be big splishy blobs.

I'm looking forward to it.

What lifes all about...

Dana said...

I have... um... 'several' tattoos (I didn't get my first until after my 30th birthday 12 years ago), and I love each of them. Some I have grown out of, or grown past that time in my life. But essentially, I treasure those permanant living memories of the life stages that I felt strongly enough about to want to memorialize on my flesh! Tattoos are a very personal decision, and should be considered carefully beforehand, and only undertaken by a mature and self confident individual. I enjoy my body art and the fond memories that they bring to mind when I happen to notice them in my mirror, or when someone asks me the story of a particular piece of ink. My new (amazingly wonderful) husband and I are planning to get similar tattoos together to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

On another note, I, as most, found your blog quite by accident, and have enjoyed reading your daily commentary and purusing your archived stories as well. I have battled depression, panic attacks, and self destructive/suicidal tendencies during several stages of my life, and my daughter is diagnosed bipolar/schizophrenic/schizo-affective disorder (depending on the phychiatrist doing the diagnosing...) I relate to many of your dialogues and observations, and want to thank you for your brutally honest and simply delightful perspective on the world we live in.

Have an absolutely fabulous week!

Dana ( and

Dana said...

Oh yeah, and my email is too!


David said...

Hi. I rarely hit the "Next Blog" button because it can be dangerous. But, today I did and the blog was yours! Hey, great story telling. I am sure I'll be back. Congrats on being sober :)

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I have some body art but mine are hidden so you have to really be close to me to Mine was a when my divorce was finale. It was like a step into a new life. I also got some piercings to go with it. I don't think I would get another tattoo. It was just I started a new life and was trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted in life and what I liked. Now it seems like that was the dumbest way to find out who I was.
Have a good one.

barefoot 303 said...

i have several. i started on spring break at 21. It was a small circle of two killer whales in the Yin/yang position. But then i got them surrounded by dolphins and eventually tie-died the area around the dolphins. it is still nice, years later. the next one; i didn’t think too much about and got 4 Kokopelli's on my lower stomach (not many see that one)That one will need some major touching up when I decide to have children. And then, two years ago, i got the Chinese symbol for fire (i am an Aries) with flames all around, on my lower back for my 32nd birthday. My boyfriend teases me and says it looks like i am shooting fire from my butt, very funny. I don’t look at them everyday any more, but when i catch the one on my back in the mirror, it makes me smile. I love all my art, and i will, most certainly, be getting more. The ink needle can be as addicting as anything else.. keep that in mind all your tattoo virgins..
Happy Inking.

Portia said...

For my 27th birthday I have asked for my first (and probably last) tattoo...I figure I may never see 80 and if I do, the tattoo I got over fifty years before will probably not be a huge concern.

SKQBDOO said...

Ha, as a funeral director, I have seen a few of those sagging tatoos!

C. R. Morris said...

LOL! I have a purple frog on my right ankle. I always thought it would be funny if someone got a tattoo of a plum on their body somewhere.. and when they are old, it will become a prune. Of course, I'm not doing it.

Anonymous said... are cute!