Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nice Blogging and some Past Due Thanks

Abbagirl wrote a wonderfully written post of her beginning her day with the grocery chain she works for. Check it out here. I highly recommend it. I didn't know she could write like that.

My good friend Diana wrote me a wonderful letter from Canada the other day. It was a pleasure reading it. Thank you so much dear friend. I miss you so much and wish you luck in your new job this summer. She is going to be a sous chef for a restaurant in a beautiful resort region of Canada.

I also want to thank Cheryl for the magazines once again. You really made my day that day I got that package in the mail. There was a PC World magazine which I love to read. I liked the magazine you sent so much that I got online and got a subscription. Also, check out Cheryl's blog for the ongoing saga of the battle between her and her moles. I find those tales so endearing and smile inducing.

Mosaic Mind, I miss you and worry about you. I got your email and read it earnestly. I have a terrible time composing emails so I wanted you to know I am thinking of you and love you dearly as a friend. Mosaic Mind asked about how I pay for my medications living on disability. For the longest time, my father's pharmacy covered the costs of my medications. Now, Medicare Part D covers them completely (no donut hole like you Mosaic) and they run around $1500 dollars a month. Mosaic Mind also asked about what I and my father are going to do about my medications when I move. Dad is going to drive by every night around 10pm when he gets off of work to give them to me. He said it would be a long time before he trusted me in taking them on my own. He means well and I love him dearly anyway.

Well, let me go lie down. Having a tooth pulled is not very fun and very painful and I am still kind of shaky and recovering. It also cast me $190 dollars so that puts a big dent in my budget for the month after ordering that new LCD monitor yesterday. Thankfully, the advertisements on this blog will help pay for some of that. Take care all and I will write again tomorrow.


Portia said...

isn't that the way it often is with parents? my mother can't seem to treat me like an adult, and couldn't care less as she is certain she knows best.

oh well. family, in all its shapes and forms, is priceless.

well, best regards. i'm going to check out your ad links while i have a minute..

Rae said...

Hey Andrew. I've been out of town for a few days and was happy to get back and catch up with life in your world. It's a nice little escape from mine.

Is your e-mail addy still posted somewhere on the site, I had some links I wanted to send you offsite.

You can reach me at raesconfessions@yahoo.com


Ouch. Hope you're feeling better!
I'll have to check them out more often-your recommended bloggers. I've read them on and off and have to agree with you, they are wonderful to read.
Take care, congrats on the phase one of your new pc..that's wonderful.

Cheryl said...

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for thanking me! I know how much fun it is to receive an unexpected package. I read PC World at Border's and although so much of it is over my head, I'm still interested.

Why did you have a tooth pulled? Did I miss something? Hope the pain is getting better.

Lapierre M├ędias© said...

Nice blog it very interesting
i will come back often

NeilV said...

I just stumbled upon the site, but I'll echo it too. My parents will never think I'm in control either. They are neurochemically wired to be that way friend!

Your candor is refreshing. You have a great writing style. Peace!

Gold88 said...

U write very well.

L.A. Howe said...

mr. andrew:
i enjoy your blog very much and have been reading it for a while now. you are a very good writer with a great style! definitely one of my daily stops on the blog rounds--the first, actually. i wish i had your technical savvy, too. trying to figure out blog stuff is very frustrating sometimes, and i am not a stupid or uneducated person. congratulations for making it look easy--it's a real accomplishment in itself.

KYRIE said...

I agree with crustybeef. I had checked out many of ur fav n recommended bloggers, n they all are very good read. I am currently hooked on to many of their blogs, always sneaking in a read between my work. It is a wonder how I get any work done. The temptations of the Internet!
Well they all are good writers n people so thanks for introducing their blogs.
BTW, did the dentist give u a lolipop? lol. Say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

abbagirl74 said...

Glad you liked it. Thanks for mentioning me. I haven't had a chance to read much, but will be back on schedule on Friday. Have a super week.

All Blog Spots said...

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