Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Muse and a Wing

"How spicy?" the clerk at the Korean restaurant asked me with a heavy accent.

"Hot," I replied, pulling out my wallet to pay.

"Two dozen hot and spicy chicken wings," he then said, after a short wait, handing me the to-go box of wings. "That will be $4.17."

I paid and then ambled on down the sidewalk towards the grocery store. It was a stunningly beautiful day and I felt glad to be out of the house. I took a seat on a bench after buying a soda from a machine and proceeded to dig in as they say and eat my meal.

After finishing my lunch, I sat and thought of the last few years. Much has gone on in such a short time. My biggest claim to fame was that I got sober and I am still in amazement with every day that passes without me getting drunk. Once I got sober, other things in my life started to fall into place and sort themselves out.

I also thought of last night's A.A. meeting and my epiphany. I am still searching for that elusive spirituality, but feel I am one step closer. My wise friend Wanda was so kind in separating the religion that I thought was A.A. from what is in reality the spirituality of A.A. I will give George an earful the next time he calls A.A. a religious cult.

And then there is Rosa. I remember the first time we met. I was walking across the parking lot from the bank when she stopped me and asked for a cigarette. She looked homeless, haggard and tired. She had just gotten clean and sober after years of being addicted to crack cocaine.

"Are you homeless?" I asked her as I handed her a cigarette.

"No," she said, looking offended. "Do I look homeless?"

"The only reason I asked was that I was once homeless as well," I said, trying to diffuse her offence. "I just wanted you to know I understood."

It was a terrible and awkward start to our friendship, but that friendship would soon grow to encompass a fondness and closeness like none I have ever experienced in my life.

Last, but not least, there is George – my friend of many years. Despite all of George's drunken debauchery and raucousness, he is still a kind soul who just happens to enjoy one too many beers. We have grown apart this last year, but I still consider him someone I could go to in a time of need. Our nightly drives have served to strengthen our once severing bond. I look forward to the always interesting conversations.

The sky had begun to grow dark as I finished my musing thinking. The National Weather Service had warned of storms today. Such storms would serve as the proverbial icing on the cake for me on this day and I smiled as I looked skyward to the rapidly building cumulus clouds. I decided to walk on home to spend the afternoon watching weather radars and reading weather reports. It is going to be a grand day.



I LOVE Thunderstorms!
Have a fabulous Thursday!
still waiting on that recipe..will you please share?? hahaha. :)

Annabel said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey over the past several years. You have certainly made great strides and you continue to amaze me. I am so glad that you are my friend, Andrew. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful stories.

Eric Valentine said...

Your blog is fantastic.
Your progress is amazing.
Your appetite is enormous!
your chicken wings would sink me!
Your honesty is beyond reproach.
Your writing says it all!

Well done Andrew my friend. :)

Mom's Blog said...

When I read your reflective posts like this on it reminds me of those times when I reflect deeply and JOY finds me.. It is time like that that I know I am in the presense of ths very core of my spirituality. It is hard to explain but it is at those times for me that God is really close. I think that is why I love your blog so much because I want to be reminded to pause and reflect in this way... everyday.
Thank you for your faithfulness in being real to your readers.

justLacey said...

life is prety good now isn't it? what more can we ask than to be content with whatever it is we are living? you have come a long way this last year as well as rosa. i think you can be spiritual without being religious. i think organized religion is such a farce for the most part, but you have to admit there must be something bigger than we are out there.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

If I could I would reach out right now and give you a great big hug. I'm so proud of you.
Have a good one.

Jenny said...

I stopped by and read some of your blog today.
Best wishes, Jenny

KYRIE said...

I am freezing down here. The continuous storms down at my place has seen me shivering and my teeth chattering this past week. And the cold has been making me so drowsy.

Terri said...

$4.17 for two dozen wings; my things are cheaper in the south!

And not to make light of the rest of your post...

Even though I attend church and am involved every week it is still more of a spiritual thing than a religious thing. A one on one relationship is more important than a commitment to any church or denomination. I hope you continue on your spiritual path and are happy where you end; it's totally a personal thing.

I'm so glad you have such great and colorful friends. Your relationships are great reads!

changemytattoo said...
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abbagirl74 said...

Hope the wings were good. I love the rain. I love the way the earth smells after a storm. The lightning putting the world in daylight. I just love it.

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

changemytattoo said...

Hey! check the writer site...there's a new comment on one of your posts :)


Its Tishy said...

I found your blog by chance today and have REALLY enjoyed's like reading a book =)
It's easy to invision in my head and feel inside what you write...thats what i love about reading. If you haven't already, you should DEFINATLY write a book, jeck, you could just use your blog entries! I will be spending a few more days reading all that you have written!
You have inspired me, with one blog inparticular. You say that people blog and it is surface isnt often to real REAL feelings, that people are afraid to write was is REALLY in there heads and hearts. Its is true. and I am guilty of it, it is extremely hard for me to write anything like that, and i don;t know why. Sorry i was rambling =)

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