Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mt. Cheaha Storm

Lightning over Mt. Cheaha, Alabama last Friday afternoon. It was a busy day for storms in Alabama much to my delight.

Photo credit: Unknown


Mark Leslie Woods said...

Great foto, lovely site. Seems my HP wanted me to land on a 'random' site with good news . . .

I believe creativity is the key to recovery for many folks, once they've surrendered and started the path on a 'faith that works'. (!2 & 12, Ch. 3)

Your creativity is inspiring, Andrew. I hope you love yourself enough to write your Grandma's novel.

Greetings from the UK, Mark

Dreaming Mage said...

aha, a fellow insomniac... you said it, but many who say they have it don't really.

I am bipolar, and also dont' sleep much, though I dream quite a bit. Come visit me.


Josie Two Shoes said...

A beautiful lightning catch, Andrew - great photo!

ANITA said...

I, too, enjoy storms. Watching mother nature and all her might is oddly comforting for me. This is an excellent picture, Andrew. Thanks for sharing it :o)