Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Times and Sad Times

I read a post momentarily ago where someone I have read for the longest time wrote they would never have the mentally ill or recovering drunks or addicts in their lives. I have been reading them for so long that I felt I knew them personally. It hurt. C'est le vie, I thought after regaining my composure. Sadly, this is par for the course for many people. I do want to say that some of the recovering addicts, alcoholics, and mentally ill people I've met and befriended have been wonderful additions to my life. I have also met some of the happiest and most fulfilled people in A.A. Enough of that train of thought though.

I just tried my first online A.A. meeting and it was chaotic! It was like a busy AOL chat room for recovering drunks. I am not a big chat room fan and couldn't last the whole hour. I logged out with relief. The poor moderator was like a cat covering up shit. Take my advice and find the time to go to a real meeting. It is easier on the eyes, the soul, your sobriety and mental health.

Talked to George on the phone this morning. He had just gotten back from taking his mother to church which will last for hours. Blacks in the South will hold church services for much longer than their Caucasian counterparts often lasting until way into the afternoon depending on how "filled with the spirit" the preacher gets.

"You always talk about religion," I told George. "Why don't you go to church?"

"Man," George said. "It will take up my whole day."

George was in good spirits and was telling me he hasn't had a drink in two days. Hallelujah!

"Does this mean you are going to try and quit?" I asked him.

"I don't know why I ain't drank," George said. "I just got tired of it."

George will often do this and is completely unlike me in this regard. When I was drinking heavy, I couldn't go a day without a drink or twenty. George can take these fasts from time to time which always surprise me.

Well, let me get to moving. Charlie has already loaded up and taken two truckloads of my stuff over to my new house. I need to get off my duff and help him before he gets to cussing. Good day!



Have a wonderful move!
Don't worry about people not having the knowledge nor compassion to have people "different" from themselves, in their lives. Look at it this way, there's more of them for all of Us to love and support.

KYRIE said...

I am so sad to hear tht someone has such an opinion. Well, we cant control how people think. There will always be biasness n discrimination in the world.

Chats can be confusing. Does AA hv forums or discussion boards? I am an active member of forums on certain stuffs for college n I always find forums very helpful.

I hope u dont get too tired with all the moving. U must be really excited though on finally moving into ur new house.

Its Tishy said...

It makes me sad that people think like that....if i had that mind set i would exclude everyone in my family and myself...not to mention most people i know!!
Good luck with the move! and have a GREAT day!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Rejection always hurts, Andrew. Especially when it comes from people you like, but they don't understand. It is one thing to say I can't be around people who are using, because that can be destructive for my life as well as theirs, but quite another to say I can't have anyone who is struggling to overcome their addictions and/or illnesses. We are ALL struggling with various things in our lives. That doesn't make us lepers, it makes us human. We should choose our friends by their hearts.

PROSPERO said...

Great blog, Andrew. I'm also an AA, though half across the globe from you, in Spain.
Someone once said that AA is a bridge to a normal life, so I'm really glad to see you building that bridge! In fact, you may have inspired me to start a new blog. Topic: building bridges!

Eric Valentine said...

Indifference to other people and their plight, is just a sad reality of the World we live in today Andrew.

For ourselves, we can only try to do what is within the realm of our possibility, and our hearts.

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Everybody has something to give - everyone has a reason for being here. Whoever wrote that blog must have a sad life - they'll never know how much they could learn and love if they continue to limit themselves.

Kevin said...

Hey Andrew:

Never commented on a blog before but I feel compelled to this time. Like you I'm an Aries and a Rat and I am also a Friend of Bill. It's coming up on 3 years now without a drink and about 2 without a serious depressive episode. I don't know why but I just wanted to share that with you.
Peace y'all.

Kevin from North Carolina

VA Friend said...

Yippee!! Moving Day! I love moving days because you feel like you are making a new start. It is great also to reorganize your stuff and weed out what is bogging you down!! If I lived near you I would offer to help.

Barb said...

I truely just realized that the blogging community, both in the states and abroad, is really just made up of folks that are free enough to smile on other's without fear of criticism or shame. That friends, is something that everyone needs, drunk or sober, sick or well, disabled or able bodied, happy or sad, black or white. We are one! Thanks Andrew for being brave enough to be the start of this particular blog

Henry said...

hi... nice blog...

anonymous jones said...

Hi! How do you know if someone is mentally ill or an alcoholic or whatever? It's not like they wear a sign around their neck! I can't believe people can be so harsh.

Meeg said...

Good point. Mental illness is a lot more common than people think. Not too long ago, in my Spanish class, we were discussing the NASA woman who was arrested for attempted kidnapping. And I'll never forget our teacher saying that she could understand how people might be ignorant regarding mental illness in her country (Peru), but that she was shocked that people in the enlightened United States would make light of people who are ill and need medical care.

Cheryl said...

So, I wonder what George is like after 2 days sober. Still a funny, good friend? Also, how close are you to being out of your old house and into the new? What will your dad do with the old place? How far is the old from the new?

ANITA said...

" a cat covering up shit."

Brilliant :o) Laughed me arce off. Again, terrific write. Good luck with your new home.

Julien P said...

Hello Andrew.
I've been reading your blog assiduously in the past few months and I must say you have an exceptional sense of narration. Keep up the terrific blogging!

"C'est le vie" is actually written "C'est la vie", "life" in French being feminine...