Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Staying the Bachelor

"I've decided I am just going to stay single for awhile," I told Rosa honestly as we were walking back from Rodger's Barbeque after eating lunch.

"Is this about A.A.?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "They are right in that relationships can cause things to get complicated and fucked up for someone new to sobriety. I don't want to go back to drinking."

We were halfway across the Chattahoochee when I stopped on the bridge to lean upon the guard rail and look down at that swirling green and turgid river water. Rosa leaned up next to me. The traffic flew by us on the bridge pushing gusts of wind that whipped our clothes and hair into a frenzy.

"I'm always here if you change your mind," she then said. "I appreciate you being honest and forthcoming with me."

"You know what?" I said as I looked up at her. "If things were different and I wasn't some ex-drunk basket case then I would sweep you off your feet."

"Those things don't matter to me," she replied of my alcoholism and my mental illness. "I love you just the way you are. You are one of the better men that I have met in my life. But I understand why you must stay single."

"I appreciate you saying that," I said as we started back walking.

Rosa reached out to hold my hand and clasped it firmly.

"Friends forever?" she asked as we stepped off that bridge to make our way to our homes.

"Friends forever," I replied as I looked at her with a warm smile.

"Today's going to be a beautiful day. I can just feel it," Rosa said.

"It already is," I replied as we crossed the railroad tracks and disappeared into downtown.


Things of note…

  • Today's actions were taken in part by the many wise and insightful comments from my blogging friends yesterday. Thank you for the comments and this post was dedicated to the women who visit my blog. It pays to be forthright and honest with a woman, doesn't it? I was extremely surprised things went so smoothly with Rosa. She took it really well. I guess she really does love me.

  • I dropped my $350 dollar Canon camera the other day and ruined it. On my meager income, I will never be able to afford another until next Christmas. So thus ends pictures for quite awhile and tolls the end of my photo blog. All my funds are going into buying myself a new computer these days and I have saved up $285 dollars.

  • My friend Cheryl asked me in an email about my father giving me a hard time about Rosa eating on my restaurant tab all the time. Actually, he is just glad I will go and eat. My social anxieties tend to make me shy away from busy restaurants such as Rodger's. So he is glad I have a friend to go with and am getting a "home cooked" meal everyday with vegetables.



Glad that you're doing better. Your blogging tone sounds so much better than the past few days. I'm glad that you have some that you can rely on without passing judgment. That in itself is refreshing.
sorry to hear about your camera. :(
That stinks because I'd really like to see what George looks like!! :( can you put tips on here and hopefully people will tip you?

Trying2BMe said...

Being sincere and honest is the only way to be with a woman. Rosa has something amazing with you and you with her. And she isn't alone, I too have a friend that I love intensely, but he can't love me.

Sorry to hear about the camera. As for the eating alone thing, I prefer to have company too to avoid the "ahh poor girl" stares I get when I eat alone.

Have a great day!!!

amelia said...

What you have with Rosa is very precious and I'm sure she wouldn't want to lose it.

Loving someone without the sexual part is often more pure and honest than with the sexual relations. More reliable too as sex can often spoil things!

Moonlink said...

You really made a good decision to be honest with Rosa, and you did it in a very kind and generous way. Your are a good man, Andrew.

I am very sorry about your camera. I was just starting to explore your photo blog.

Have a great day.

Blue Gardenia said...

Rosa sounds nicer all of the time. The Celtic one might have looked pretty, warm and soft but Rosa, no doubt has the bigger heart. In the long run, friendship is the most important thing. But Andrew, me buck, the eyes are the scouts for the heart!

KYRIE said...

Hope u did not take the pain pill, Lortab today. Of course, dont forget ur meds!
I hv a lot problems lately with my crazy relatives n I am in a bundle of nerves with the crap they put me through! Hope ur day is better.

Gina said...

There is a safety in friendship that you just won't get anywhere else. Freedom and love. It's less about the expectations and more about helping each other to realize good things and being there for support when it ain't that good. I kind of feel that the BF/GF give and take thing is overrated...better to be completely whole and let the rest be the icing on the cake.

Can't that camera be repaired?

Jay M. said...

Sorry to hear about your camera! That's awful.

About a year ago I did the same thing, but the camera was older. So I bought an Olympus Stylus 720 SW. It's perfect because it's shockproof up to a 5-foot drop, and waterproof to 10 feet.

At the store, I was going to get a canon because I've always had them. But they had this little beauty in a jug of water, taking photos with it, dropping it from the counter repeatedly, and it was fine.

Mine has been knocked a couple times (not by me) to the hardwood floor from the top of a dresser, and I dropped it once from about shoulder height to the asphalt.

Still works like a charm.

And I would agree, staying the bachelor gives you the opportunity to have a perspective and outlook that might otherwise be skewed if you were in a relationship.

Anyway, you should look into that camera if you have time. Good luck!